March 8, 2010

Turquoise Chandelier - SeaShell Bucket, Beads & A Butler

Hi all -

THANK YOU SO MUCH - I received the nicest comments on this Turquoise Chandelier and I appreciate each comment and each compliment more than you could ever know.  And I was really blown away when I saw there was a list of emails about this one and Chandeliers in general.  

Thank you again - 

Here's what we've been up to when we're not working on Jen's Beach Wedding...invitations should be here this week -

Spotted these buckets at the Rose Bowl Flea Market - I envisioned them filled with shells or something somewhere in the house, or on the porch, but Mr Chandy had his own idea...

A few month ago I sold the Chandelier in my hallway - we lived with a light bulb hanging on a wire out of the ceiling - kind of like the shoemakers kids going without shoes.   Mr Chandy over here loves to create the chandeliers and he growls like a mean dog when he hangs one, so I have to time changes very carefully.  I've been waiting for this beaded shade { no light }to become a Chandelier since I found it at a Consignment Store around Christmas, and last week I just about fell off my chair.

 When you look up at it there's a mirror that reflects all the crystal beading and 3 bulbs, and it is amazing.  I love and appreciate beading so much, and I am a beader, so this is home in my hallway, for now.  

Wish you could see it in person -

I took some photos outside the other day, it was raining so we rolled down the side shades to protect the recently painted porch, and the lighting was perfect for a few photos.  This old folkart carved butler is having his picture taken today... along with a few other Chandeliers.

Thanks for visiting today - I'm hearing so much about beadboard lately, I thought I'd show you mine on my next post.  The man who built this little place in the 1940's had his own ideas on how it could be done, and he did it, clipped ceiling and all.  

Take Care -

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