August 25, 2010

Jen's Beach Wedding & Freshening Up The Little Bathroom

I'm just diving in because you gotta start somewhere...

 I've lurked around your blogs during the wedding prep mostly checking in in the middle of the night when many times I awoke in a panic and had to look through stacks of papers to make sure I had paid some bill or turned the sprinkler off in the back.  I couldn't shake the feeling that I was forgetting something - all the time.

Jen's Beach Wedding was perfect, I'm a happy Mom and I love Ryan very much - this couple got it right.  We planned and prepped the Wedding and at the same time spruced up this old place on a $0 budget and had the biggest blast of our lives.   We did it all at the same time, that's how we roll better under pressure I guess - no time for being confused, disappointed, or pissed at anything including how much things cost.

I left you at sending out the Invitations about 8 weeks before the wedding.  We shifted into high gear and of course I got some orders for Chandeliers and sold some furniture so I had to continue to take care of biz and while biz has been slow - it picked up - wouldn't ya know it, and we needed the $$$, so late into the night I was beading Chandies, and was in his studio wiring em up.  

Once biz was under control, I started with painting the little bathroom.  The vanity countertop was ugly yellowish marble that I painted about 13 years ago and it needed a freshening up too.  The floor was green stone tiles with cement grout and I decided to paint it all gray.  I was unsure how but determined - and figured if paint didn't work - I'd get a rug.

Now that I'm looking at these pics I'm thinking I should add a little color on the raised panels of the vanity doors - yeah?   Hmmm.

I used Porch and Patio paint from Home Depot and got a can of light gray mixed up - perfect at the store, but at home it was too dark so I added some white for a lighter marine gray and it was much better. Phew!  Done.

I used Epoxy paint on the marble sink top - love it, and you would never know, and it takes wear, tear and abuse - 13 years worth.

I used a nice wide brush, and it worked! Much better - don't you think?  

Ok one project down...a ton more to go.  

Photo of the full bath tomorrow - 

AND the Wedding Centerpieces tomorrow...

Every night after dinner we'd meet out on the porch for a much needed glass of wine or a couple shooters to discuss the dailys and plot the plan for the next day.  PS We agreed on most things, disagreed on some things, but the only thing all of us ever argued about was the GUEST LIST. Enough said.

Thanks for not forgetting about me...and if you're here come see our Chandeliers and everything Beach House at the Rose Bowl every 2nd Sunday of the month.

See you tomorrow with our Centerpieces, Candle Holders - and then the Kitchen Sweep Up. 

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