February 25, 2010

Beach House Chandeliers & Stuff

Good Mid Morning - I'm sending love to Layla Grace and her family. Her brief life powerfully reminds me to value life everyday.

While I was taking some of these photos yesterday, I was down on the floor and when I turned around I was face to face with this old 7-Up box on the fireplace.   It is stuffed with 2009 files and paperwork and now overflowing into another pile next to it.  I've got to do my taxes and get rid of this already, and I don't even mean really DO them, I mean organize the paperwork for the accountant to really DO them. Starting Monday morning for sure.  Really, I figured out that's the only way to make the pressure go away.

Anyway Mr Beachy has been spending alot of time working in his studio lately and called me to come out and look at a few Chandeliers in progress.

These two were done and I was blown away - I think they are both amazing.

My girlfriend {thanks, Lor } found this beautiful iron aqua/turquoise piece as you see it, all beat up and loved, out at the Flea Market a few months ago, and now it's a Chandelier.  We rarely find pieces with great color but this one was just too cool to paint.  I love the beachy coastal feel and the total uniqueness of the Chandelier.

So we brought it in, I beaded it with thick french scalloped crystals and huge old crystal pendants at the bottom.  I love it.

Hung it outside on the Porch to photograph in the natural light, but the photo inside is the true color - 

Then he said "Whaddya think of this?"  Me:  "MMMMM"  I LOVE IT,  I WANT IT."  That's my usual response, check this out -

Looks like its straight from the beach or maybe was by barn doors or a garden gate.  How great over a kitchen island or sink, next to the bed - so great everywhere.

Aren't they great?

So I'm home alone all day today and am going to get organized.  Gotta start getting the trailer packed up for the Flea Market on Sunday, then join Jen's future in laws for dinner Sunday night for fiance Ryan's birthday.  Buca di Beppo { I think } has the best Chicken Marsala and I am in the mood, oh yeah.

In between everything next week heading downtown to the flower district with Rhonda to see what we can get for Jen's Beach Wedding.

Have a good one, I gotta go sell some Chandeliers too -

February 18, 2010

Chandeliers, Weddings, Bridal Showers & Friends

Here. I. Am.  Beading Chandeliers and planning Jen's Beach Wedding.  

 I've been on a crazy little ride here, ups and downs and sometimes just running around in circles.   Jen's wedding is coming along - it's June 26th and we're getting excited and nervous all at the same time.  My girlfriend's daughter is getting married May 1st, so I'm in on a shower for her next month and my girlfriend is giving a shower for Jen, so together we are shopping, brainstorming, and having the time of our lives.  You think you know exactly what you want but when you start checking stuff out and seeing what's available it gets confusing because there's so many choices and such great things out there.  Doing our best to copy expensive champagne ideas on a beer budget as they say.

It ain't easy doing everything you want to do on a budget, and I found out early on - when you wake up in the middle of the night, no use trying to get back to sleep - once you're up, you're up.

For me, I find the best time to go over this stuff with Mr. Father of the Bride is while we're by our favorite Beach Cafe drinking Tea from a Starbucks thermos and he eats a doughnut or a white Hostess snowball  and I eat celery sticks.

We've been working day and night in our Chandelier Studio, which keeps us sane.  For years we've been renting lighting to studios for movies TV and commercials and have recently included renting Chandeliers for weddings, events, and private parties.  We're still selling out at the Ventura Flea Market at the beach - and still love it.  We're staying busy trying to produce as many Chandeliers as we can, this is our passion, and we love it just wish we had more hours in the day and more energy.

Seems like revolving doors around here - someone's always taking a look - and thankfully business is good.  Got a chance to snap a few photos - if you want to take a closer look check us out on ebay - id is chandeliermagic.  Come back over the weekend - I'm going to photograph a few vintage Beach House Chandeliers that are major heart throbs...

Funky strands - all old crystals from my collection - love this one

This white Chandelier is sold - and I just loved it while I had it

Love this topiary Rose Lamp - was in my Family Room for many years - 

So - I've been visiting blogs as much as I can lately, mostly just lurking about - you guys still blow me away with your entertaining writing, great photos, and amazing creative ideas.

I'll show you the wedding invitations as soon as I get em...and a few other special things Jen and I are doing to make the day perfect.

Decided today!  Guys will wear khaki linen pants, white tuxedo shirts not tucked in, and black leather flip flops.  Down on the beach we're having personalized bottles of water and flip flops at the Shoe Bar.

 Wish you could all be our guests...

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