November 27, 2010

Beach House Kitchen & PEACE on the Mantel

Hello from my Kitchen Sink -

I Won! I Am So Happy!
These Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazines arrived so fast and in perfect condition.  
They are incredible and I love them.  
Thank you again, so much!
Check out Roberta's fantastic blog, you'll be glad you did.

Boy has this been a different year and Thanksgiving was really different!  My newly married daughter went to Oregon where her inlaws live, and I missed her cooking right next to me, decorating the table with me, preparing and serving and being my right hand.  I know she was a big help to her mother in law and showed off her talents and made me proud, but I missed her so much and Ryan too.  
Everything else was perfect!

MrBH and son are on a 2-Day motorcycle run and I have the whole house all to myself 
all weekend.   I'm gonna blast the radio on the oldie station and do some gardening and painting -

But first, I've been puttering around inside, sweeping up, clearing off, getting rid of, and prepping for the winter - my favorite season.  Before I get into all the projects I've got lined up - I snapped a few photos in the kitchen and added a few pics at the bottom that I took yesterday -

My little 1940's Kitchen - all original cabinets, galley design - 

The cabinets were all built by the original owner and I swear his wife must have been my height - I changed all the knobs and pulls to old glass ones - 

Our view from the sink and from the kitchen table is the front - I love that.  

Kitchen Table is an old cement garden table  - I see the glass needs to be pushed over to the left a smidge.  I'd like to change the covers on those chairs - it's white vinyl, but kids always told me the vinyl felt so cool on sunburn legs I just keep it on.  Pretty easy to wipe clean too.

This old stove came with the house - she can cook!

Driving Pacific Coast Highway - I couldn't resist...

Love this PEACE Christmas Window - the Peace signs are all silver balls and the Pyramids are all shells - everything else is white and amazing.

Check out this cool huge metal peace sign inside the store hanging over a bed, that's a pillow below it -

Bye for now -

November 25, 2010


I am filled with gratitude today and everyday.

Today, I am calling people that I love just to tell them I love them.  
And from now on, I'm going to do that more often.
I'm also going to write more notes - they're such a pleasure to receive.

Thank you blog friends - I appreciate you more than you can imagine.  

November 17, 2010

How I Hide My Trash

Helllooo - Come on over, it's a beautiful day.  I'd love to tell you about the Rose Bowl Flea Market last Sunday, and show you the Chandeliers I'm beading - but this crazy Gate made my day!

That's my little old cottage - 

I turn into my driveway - that's the detached garage at the end - and even when the Aggies are blooming and the ivy is thriving, and the green is lush, all I see is the trash.  

I've seen some great ideas in magazines and other peoples homes - we just never did anything.  

The other day we were walking home from our favorite cafe taking a shortcut through the alley when we saw this leaning up against a pile of rubble.  

I was thinking I could use it IN the house somewhere - it is white, I could write something on it, just lean it somewhere - but this is where I really need it.  I just didn't realize how much I needed it.  

In front of the trash cans - a Trashy Gate.

So we put it on a wide concrete stepping stone, secured it to the fence. Done.

And now this is what I see when I come home.  Yes.

And for Free. 

I'm coming back with a post about this magazine rack -

and a post about a lucky find - this Pair of Beach House Arm Chairs -

See you -  Thanks for all the very kind comments about Jen's Wedding.  

Make it a great day - I'm joining Faded Charm's White Wednesday Party

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