April 16, 2010

Beach House Bath - Painted White Tiles & Closet Markers

Welcome to my Beach House Bath.  One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah over at a beach cottage, was blogging about painting bathroom tiles and asked for comments if you've tried this before - I've taken the plunge - many times.

Here's my bathroom now after a complete makeover on a tight budget a few years ago.  No before photos - but it was built in the 1940's so you can imagine it was really tired.  The tiles in the shower  and on the countertop were peachy/pink with grey trim and we painted them white - you cannot tell that they are not original white tiles.  They are in perfect condition, they clean up with Windex, and they look just as new and fresh as real white tiles look.  I swear, you cannot tell.  Even in the shower, they're new and fresh every single day.  EVERYONE is shocked when I tell them they're painted.

Built in the 1940's, original heater heats up { your legs } instantly - we took off the chrome plate, cleaned and polished it and left it - why not?

Added a curved shower rod which is surprisingly more roomy -

These floor tiles were in the tile store's stock room - saved money by not having special order - we did it all ourselves - easy enough and didn't take long -

True 40's tub - looks brand new -

This photo - I'm in the bathroom you can see the closed door with a long mirror on it.  The star mirror is over the toilet.

Of course, a Chandelier -

Snapped the linen closet which is right outside the bathroom in a joke of a hallway - and I hope you can see the markers.  Right after we got married we went to Lake Tahoe, where we did some antiquing and junking.  Mr bh found these really old linen closet markers that are etched on mirror backing and we bought them for our "home we would one day have." I was impressed that he appreciated details like that.  

I came home pregnant.



There's a Guest Towel marker too and I love them.  

In the past, I've painted ugly dark tan bumpy tiles white, never had a chipping peeling problem, even with the bumps.  Our little bathroom had a horrible yellowish/greenish marble counter top that I also painted.  It's been 15 years, and just recently I saw a few chips, decided I should probably redo it, but I haven't yet.  It's not THAT bad.  That was before they made special paint for this so I used epoxy appliance paint.  It worked.

Oh - and I always spray the paint to avoid brush streaks - just sayin.

Now, I gotta get back to applying strands of rhinestones to large shells for Jen's Beach Wedding.

Take care - have a great weekend, we're shopping for shoes and doing some cake testing - thank heavens because Jen and I are starving.

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April 12, 2010

Aqua Glass Jars & The New Beach House Dining Room Chairs

Good Morning -  This old wire rack basket with the aqua canning jars was my reward for a successful date with the taxman, oh yeah the taxman.  

I get so ridiculously nervous as tax day approaches, hoping and praying that I have paid attention to every detail, penny, receipt, check, note, and bill to come up with numbers that I present to the taxman.  And my taxman wants everything in the computer, so that's just hugely time consuming for me, and I don't do it often enough, so it piles up and I do it all in one month.  Every year I promise I won't do that anymore, but every year I do the same thing. 

Now, I'd rather do this.

 So when it's all done and the taxman leaves, I leave.  I hit the thrifts like a bat outta hell because I have at that point not shopped guilt free for a while. Always thinking, "I should be at home doing paperwork and taxes" can wreck a perfectly good stop in.   

So I hit my favorite junk shop - and there were these jars in the rack with a few more on the side, just waiting for me to knock down everyone standing in my way to get them without making myself too obvious or someone closer just may nab em first.   They were mine and they came home with me.

The next day I went down to the Farmer's Market and couldn't resist these pure pure white iris's - in these jars on the dining room table with the light hitting them through the blinds first thing in the morning - it just all feels so good.  This is what I see across the house when I leave my bedroom first thing every morning - 

While I was loving looking at the photos of this aqua turquoise beachy blue glass, I was noticing something bothering me.  Yeah, I'm tired of the dining room chairs.  I've loved these chairs from the moment I spotted them at Sally's - a big wood table with 6 chairs and 2 arm chairs with the little wings that I loved, they were white with french caning, the whole thing was perfect.  I paid $250, covered the seats with white denim - done.  There's a photo of the dining room on the right side of this page - and you can kind of see the chairs in the background -

But now, I'm ready for a change - so I dragged in all the old folding wood beach chairs that I've picked up at garage sales, flea markets and thirfts, and set 8 chairs around the table. 

Loved it.  I like the look with 8 chairs and I like it with only 6 too - and the beauty is that they're folding chairs - easy to store a few extra, and I don't think I've paid more than 10 bucks a chair.

White Roses from my garden 

So I am loving the new chairs - mr bh, my son, and I played musical chairs last night testing them all out, they're all sturdy, somewhat comfortable - I added a cushion to a couple - really really love the even more casual look -

I'll take some new photos of the whole room as it is now, and show you tomorrow - 

I'd love to know what you think of the chair swap

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April 3, 2010

Beach House Porch, Mantel & Jen's Wedding Invitation

Day 84 - Here's my little beach cottage - and I do mean little...couldn't get great photos today but I think you can get the idea...

We'll have frames with fabric creating a topless tent { I didn't want a tent tent }to give us privacy, even though the neighbors are coming, market lights strung from the trees on the street to the porch in a triangle pattern, up lights on the trees and a Chandelier above the dance floor.  I'm standing on the driveway which is lined with topiaries that will have twinkle lights in them, and that will be our bar and hight cocktail tables area...

When you walk in the front door, the first thing you see is the fireplace mantle - I never ever know what to do up there, but I looked at some of my favorite books, and checked out some blogs and took all the good ideas that included stuff I already had, and came up with this - it'll do for now -

The pink rose is from my neighbors garden, and the twigs are from the walnut tree next door -

Today I found the bottle on the left end of the next photo - I was so happy because I was on the hunt for exactly one like this one for the marriage ceremony.  It's the perfect old aqua message in a bottle with an old metal stopper at the top.

When we started to look at invitations I fell off my chair a few times at the costs - wow, I really got a quick education in the whole printing world.  It ain't cheap.  Nothing is. Even if you do it yourself on the computer you've got to buy the cardstock and the ink or toner, the envelopes etc. or pay Kinkos to print each side, including return addresses.  No matter how you look at it, it's going to cost - so for us, after we went round and round, pricing out DIY and going to 4 different stationers and through probably 100 books, we found this one that we loved and went with it.  We were thrilled when we got them, and I figured we were VERY lucky to find something we loved for not that much more. No printer jams no ink problems, just order, pay and receive.   For me, A Bargain -

I had to take the photos of the invitation outside so you could see it - the heavy card stock has a pearlized effect that I love, the inside card is white that reflects silver, and the wrap stock is like heavy matte gold that reflects like platinum. 

Bottom left corner says shoes optional

The response card is also white with a little silver reflect -

So, what do you think?

They haven't gone out yet, so you're getting a sneak preview -

Next we're making Beach Parking passes, tagging flip flops, Program fans, wrapping silverware etc etc etc etc etc.

See you tomorrow -

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April 2, 2010

Malibu Beach Supply & An Old Turquoise Deck Chair

 Jen's Beach Wedding - 86 days to go.  There's something to do every single day - we're getting very excited around here, very busy finalizing all the arrangements and adding lots of details that I am going to share with you -

So to catch up, last Saturday some friends and I threw a Bridal Shower at Zen Bistro for our friends' daughter Stephanie, and it was - as the girls said UH-mazing.  We were Ladies lunching with Champagne on the Lake - and I got reminded how we actually become a different person when we put on our party manners and a new outfit.

This was the setting  - we kept this whole side open to the Lake - it was a beautiful day with a little breeze - just perfect.

Meet Lovely Stephanie and Handsome Danny - getting married May 1st -

Sunday was a no plans day, so Mr bh and I went to Neptunes Net up PCH for some fish and chips - 

It was of course, really crowded but we met up with some friends, got a great table, and enjoyed the ocean breeze kickin up - see the palms!  When we pryed ourselves out of our seats we headed to the Nursery to get some succulents and cutting flowers and there's a little junk place there that I love poking through -

But! On the way we spotted an Estate Sale sign, so even though it was close to 3 pm and they were sure to be all closed up we took the detour - beautiful detour -

This old Beach Deck Chair was sitting close to the road guiding us to the Estate - waiting for us. 

She has her original turquoise finish all weathered and worn, a couple slats missing but I don't care, it's sturdy and strong and was $3.  We loaded her in the back of the truck as fast as we could before they could change their mind.

Made it down to the Nursery and went over the props area to see if there was anything there I couldn't live without.

Loved the blue jugs and all the white wicker with the old pots back there -

Fabulous old Farm Table with the perfect patina - really big

Great old watering cans, big baskets, some great glass stuff, and old gardening tools - I really didn't want to leave anything behind, but I chose a few things and went over to the Nursery 

I want to pot some succulents by my side door { the door I use on the driveway } I haven't always loved them, but now I do, and I thought they would be great in my old terra cotta pot covered with lined up shells.   I got a few varieties to play around with - I'll try them out, it may be too old lady, I'll see...

Here's what I scored from the junk shop - couple of Chandeliers, the back one is old and french with little barbola roses, a pair of metal Seahorses, a cool old turquoise bottle - 

And these three big Porch Sconces -

And then Home to our Porch -

Tomorrow Day 85 - countdown to Jen's Wedding I'll show you the invitations -


I'll show you the rest of the Porch and the front of our house and yard where the Reception will be -

Thanks to all the bloggers for your inspiration on what to do with the Mantle - I copied
learned from you and I'll show you mine tomorrow - it's the first thing you see when you walk in -

I wish you all a wonderfully happy Easter and Passover -

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