October 25, 2010

Jen & Ryan's Wedding

Jen & Ryan's Beach Wedding -

The Chuppa is my Grandma's Tablecloth - we had bamboo poles in old french buckets, topped them with chandelier bobeches and an old glass doorknob. I beaded 5 long strands of white beads and crystals for each bobeche and old very long crystals from my other Grandmas Chandelier.   My brother performed the marriage ceremony - which was really special for all of us and so heartfelt - plus he was really funny and made the entire ceremony more memorable than you can imagine.

They did the mixing of the sand -

The Programs - we added a vintage button to each one...

Love this Cake - My neighbor owns the local bakery that is out of this world - I knew they would nail this cake and they did - I was beyond thrilled.  I found the vintage wood Sea Horse at a yard sale $1 - it has a plastic base and I'm pretty sure it was a canister lid - I added the rows of rhinestones.

Jen & Ryan with their Wedding Party - I've known these girls since they were little and I love them so much - that's my son Tony on the far left, and the guys are Ryan's best buddies and brother -

So Cool

But they just had to be real - 

Personalized Water Bottles on the beach -

Bride and Bridesmaids bouquets were Calla Lillys  - Jen's had some special little
momentos sewn onto the braided white satin wrap on hers- and the guys all had minis -

 Candle Holder with the date in vintage rhinestones -

I washed and ironed 150 vintage damask Napkins - added a ring of crystals to each - and boy did they get commented on...

We put Orchids in the glass containers and filled them with sand -

Lori & Tim Prepping while we were on the beach...

We had the entire yard fenced in and hung 44 sets of Ikea curtains on bamboo rods attached at the top - the breezes were perfect!

We had a swag of whitewashed driftwood to sign - it's hanging in Jen & Ryan's home now 

It was a perfect night - 

You can kind of see we had the whole yard fenced in and hung white sheers from Ikea all the way around the yard on bamboo rods - it was so great when the breezes would billow out the curtains -

The morning after...the kids all stayed at a Hotel and then they came home for a brunch with about 40 other friends and family -

Thanks for looking at one of the best days of my life -

Now back to the kitchen blog and a blog about the incredible chairs I got at The Little French Flea Market over the weekend...


October 3, 2010

Jen's Beach Wedding Vintage Rhinestone Centerpieces & Candle Holders

Good Sunday to ya!

Here's what all the Centerpieces looked like for a week before the wedding - it was like living on an orchid farm and little by little all of our regular everyday stuff got stashed making room for everything wedding.

Two days before the wedding we filled the containers with sand so you couldn't see the pots insisde at all - during our 'Morning After' Brunch we emptied the sand cuz I think the sand was suffocating the orchids.  Bought the orchids at the Farmers Market and they were gorgeous!

We had so much fun making these - a few months before the wedding I started to buy up all the glass containers at the Thrifts and we decorated them.  They cost me like 2.99 a piece.   We wrapped them in twine (got a huge bolt at a garage sale for a buck)  then we lined the twine wrap with rhinestone trim, and added vintage rhinestone jewelry and shells to each side.  I've been collecting vintage rhinestone jewels for as long as i can remember - brooches, necklaces, earrings, shoe clips, sweater connectors,  bracelets, and buttons, and didn't know it, but this was what I was saving them for....

Started off with this mess - bringing all the little drawers out to the table to figure out exactly what to do!

Went downtown and bought these bolts of rhinestones

separated and organized everything

painted and decorated the shells too

then decorated all 4 sides of the vases

we used these shorter and taller containers for candles and flowers all over the place

Two nights before the Wedding we set up the tables and started checking stuff out

Our vision was coming alive - I was standing on the band's stage...

NOTE:  About a month before the wedding, we decided to paint the kitchen.  Can you imagine?  We emptied the entire kitchen out, laundry room too, lived with everything spread across the dining room and further, painted and spruced up, then put everything away with 3 weeks left till the wedding.    Crazy, but so worth it!  

I'm blogging that right after this...

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