May 18, 2011

Chandeliers & Sunday Dinner Table

How the heck are you.   I've missed you.  Think about you all the time.

My life is now out of Rehab and I'm Living It.  I like it.  I miss my kids living here, their voices around me, their skateboards and surfboards, purses and shoes, forts on Sunday mornings and all the chaos and love you can imagine.  I even miss their laundry...the done Laundry.

So, I live for having them here on the weekends to cook, eat, walk and play, and I've really been enjoying doing some table foofing for them using newly found treasures -

And when they leave, Mr BH and I enjoy cleaning up and talking about them...

We're still out hunting down parts and pieces for Chandeliers all the time, I haven't taken enough photos of Chandeliers - I always forget, and some Chandys just fly out of here.  If you're local come see us at the Rose Bowl 2nd Sunday of every month - Row W5.  (Hello 49 Plymouth, Tess, & Mindy)

But here's some that I remembered to photograph - and some tables I had the camera handy for.

Cool old Clarinet Chandelier

A few lights waiting to be picked up and a few waiting to be packed up...

We duck and slither between Chandeliers all the time...

Old French Bistro Set that I found at a Hollywood Estate Sale - it was pink!

Coastal Passover!

My neighbor brought me these beautiful flowers from her garden - perfect for last Sunday's BBQ Dinner

Used these new to me old blue dishes on Mother's Day 

One more thing on my WANT TO DO list is organize this blog better - how do you keep your photos organized? 

Do you do Flicker or PhotoBucket or something else?

Thanks for coming by today - I'm having a good life with A Beach Cottage - Good Life Wednesday

Going to Party Here with Funky Junk Interiors


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