May 18, 2011

Chandeliers & Sunday Dinner Table

How the heck are you.   I've missed you.  Think about you all the time.

My life is now out of Rehab and I'm Living It.  I like it.  I miss my kids living here, their voices around me, their skateboards and surfboards, purses and shoes, forts on Sunday mornings and all the chaos and love you can imagine.  I even miss their laundry...the done Laundry.

So, I live for having them here on the weekends to cook, eat, walk and play, and I've really been enjoying doing some table foofing for them using newly found treasures -

And when they leave, Mr BH and I enjoy cleaning up and talking about them...

We're still out hunting down parts and pieces for Chandeliers all the time, I haven't taken enough photos of Chandeliers - I always forget, and some Chandys just fly out of here.  If you're local come see us at the Rose Bowl 2nd Sunday of every month - Row W5.  (Hello 49 Plymouth, Tess, & Mindy)

But here's some that I remembered to photograph - and some tables I had the camera handy for.

Cool old Clarinet Chandelier

A few lights waiting to be picked up and a few waiting to be packed up...

We duck and slither between Chandeliers all the time...

Old French Bistro Set that I found at a Hollywood Estate Sale - it was pink!

Coastal Passover!

My neighbor brought me these beautiful flowers from her garden - perfect for last Sunday's BBQ Dinner

Used these new to me old blue dishes on Mother's Day 

One more thing on my WANT TO DO list is organize this blog better - how do you keep your photos organized? 

Do you do Flicker or PhotoBucket or something else?

Thanks for coming by today - I'm having a good life with A Beach Cottage - Good Life Wednesday

Going to Party Here with Funky Junk Interiors



  1. I love all the chandeliers you have. My Grandmother has had many in her home for 30+ years.It all looks so fresh and clean~Cheers Kim

  2. Here from Good Life Wednesday...I must make it to the Rose Bowl to see your beautiful work. Love your blue dishes.

  3. WOW I love the ones you got at an estate sale!

    I too love chandeliers!!

    I have no organization! I just put everything on a disk then label it!

  4. Hi Marsha,
    How lovely to see you back and with all of your beautiful chandeliers. I love each and every one of them....... your home looks beautiful too.
    ........ and, I LOVE your header photograph.
    Welcome back and hope to see lots more of your inspirational posts. XXXX

  5. Your home is chandelier heaven! Soooo gorgeous! I don't organize my pictures but I probably should, I keep meaning to back them up on a disc because I lost all my previous ones when my old laptop died:(

  6. So glad to see you!!!! I needed a chandelier fix from you!!!

    Love your creations and the bistro set is so cute!

  7. Nice to see you! Hope all is well. I'm still wishing for that aqua chandelier you had.

  8. Adorable chandeliers you have and a beautiful home too. Love your table setting for mother's day :) Thanks for linking to BC Good Life Wednesdays.

  9. those photos are marvelous! guess what? i purchased a fab *candlelier*, it makes me sooooo happy just looking at it! no wiring involved, (whew) just easy-peasy candlelight! i'll post pics soon~ can't wait to get it hung!

  10. Gorgeous chandeliers Marsha.....xv

  11. Oh YAY! I think about you, often, dear one, and hope that life is good. I completely understand the quietness that takes over when the kids leave home and we are left with the strange silence. Sigh...

    As always, your home looks stunning! Our Passover table wasn't quite as gorgeous as yours, but I managed to get the whole family together with enough food for our older girls to bring home leftovers! Those are the special days.

    I owe you an email and will be in touch soon. I might just have to head up to the Rose Bowl to hug you one of these days!

    Lots of love,

  12. Wow, I have just discovered your work and I am impressed, all the chandeliers are awesome! =) I'm following you since now!

  13. So glad to see you post again! Missed you. Love your blog. When my house grows up it wants to look like yours. Love all the chandeliers. May need to drive down from N CA to come see you at the Rose Bowl (I use to love going there!)

  14. -- Forgot to add I prefer PhotoBucket to Flickr. I have both but find PB to be easier/simpler to sort, use, and create links with.

  15. LOVING your Chandies and your French Bistro Chairs... one can never have enough of either IMO. *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. soooo nice to meet you...just became a your blog...going to visit you often...can't wait for your online shop...I'm a beach girl too...on the East coast....xo, Mariaelena

  17. Hi I love your post. I've just recently renovated and replaced all the lighting. I was worried I might be over doing it with chandeliers in most rooms...but obviously not. Love your blog another follower for you.

  18. Thanks for joining in my giveaway Marsha. Best of Luck.

    I can only say how much I love your blog and am glad I found you. I love your style.

  19. PS Just added you to my blog roll
    Carolyn xx

  20. Welcome back! Thank you for the update. The pictures are so wonderful and elegant. This was so inspirational thank you for posting.

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