August 31, 2009

Beach Morning, Pillow Slips & Vintage Holders

Good Morning All -

Most mornings Mr Beachy brings me a cup of coffee and my section of the Daily News, I turn on the morning show, grab the newest magazine I haven't read yet, and get to work.  Wish I could say it looks like the photo above but it really looks like this - rumpled and congested with the computer, paperwork and the phone...yep, it's my desk in a bed.

When I've caught up or had enough - I get to sweeping up and figuring out what needs to be done.  More often than not, a chandelier needs beading, my ebay store needs attention, and I've always got painting and whitewashing to do.  Of course, there's always cleaning, cooking, and laundry to do in between and I don't think I'll ever catch up on everything.  I also have a constant little voice in my head telling me to head over to the thrifts for the spectacular stuff that was just dropped off.

Anyhow - A few weeks ago I cleaned out the Linen Cabinet - I don't need this much anymore, and I must let go of the extras. So here's my pile of what's going on to ebay and etsy, maybe you'll see something you love - there will more detailed photos over there.

Here's what I'm making over this week - painting, whitewashing, lining - a few will be for a couple of friends who are having birthdays - the rest will be sold.

One by one I'll get around to playing with each one of these treasures - lovin every minute, even in this incredibly hot summer with part of Los Angeles burning up in raging fires.  My heart goes out to everyone affected, evacuated and scared.  I hope it's over soon - every single firefighter is a hero.

Just a note:  See the canning jar with the single hydrangea?  I cut this blossom in my garden 3 weeks ago and look at it, still so fresh. I change the water every few days, but how is it so healthy after this long, normally hydrangeas barely last a couple of days, even when you soak the whole thing first.  Maybe this - I don't know...but I accidentally break crystals all the time while working, I put em in a jar with some sea glass and maybe a few shells.  Could that keep em alive longer?  I don't know, but it worked.   

Take Care - Make it a Great Day -

Sorry for the duplicate photo of the messy bed - I mean office.

August 26, 2009

Jen's Beach House Wedding & I Love Her

Good Evenin -

My daughter Jennifer gave me this charm, and got one for herself....we both wear it everyday. I've always thought she was an old soul - saying and doing very wise and kind things, and this says it all don't you think?  I love her so much.  

So Jen's getting married next summer!  She and her fiance, Ryan, will be married at the beach, on the sand, with a casual reception at home!  I am so excited and anxious, determined to live and love the process each minute at a time.   We've been pouring over magazines, checking out bloggers weddings, and researching a million ideas.  

So last Saturday we went down the beach for lunch, a little shopping, and to relax a while.

We found a spot with some fabulous beach houses - Carbon Beach.

A coupla hours flew by and we headed home - stopping at the magazine stand for more more more.

For the past few weeks I've been cleaning out, reorganizing, changing lots of stuff around, starting 1/2 a dozen blogs, taking photos, painting and beading chandeliers.  When I totally emptied my Linen Closet a coupla weeks back - I got myself started on a complete beach house spring cleaning in the middle of summer but very much needed. 

 I don't need so much stuff anymore - I love my thrifts and stop at my favorite few as often as I can - so in this great clean out I've made piles of pillow slips, quilts, tablecloths etc. to keep me busy on ebay and etsy forever!

While reading several blogs the past few weeks, I found some that tugged my heart, a few that were so entertaining funny, and some that inspired me and encouraged me in so many ways I couldn't step away from the computer.  

Where do they find the time, I dunno - but I want to be their friend...and here in this great blogland everyone is a friend.  

So I've started to write a little every night - I'll show you what I create and how I do it, our Chandelier Studio, and how we live...and how I plan to make the Beach House Wedding of Jen's dreams a reality.  In a word - HELP.  

I'd love to hear from you if you have anything to add to our Idea Book - it's called {don't worry}"Everythings Gonna Be All White!"

G'Night -

August 12, 2009

Beach House Vintage Linens & It's Marcia Brady

Hi Bloggie Friends -
Thank you all so much for your very kind comments and emails - I love the bloggers I've met and have learned so much from all of you.  

One of the best parts of getting older is knowing yourself, and when I'm blue, my medicine is my kids around me, a very laid back fab husband, this comfy beach house, and the sea, but what heals me the best is my regular ole routine life.  Grocery marketing (who woulda thought Costco would be consoling), laundry, attacking a tall stack of mail, paying bills, talking to the neighbors, and of course my beading hobby. I'm a lifer at beading, it's my therapy and I love it. 

So when Mr Beachy asked me if I wanted to go to some garage sales on Saturday morning I knew that was going to be the best therapy of all.  So I threw on clothes and out we went.  We hit a few sales listed in the Daily News and as we arrived at one advertised as "a collector's sale" I could see that it was all quality antiques and such so we poked around.  I found a great basket, a white ironstone pitcher, a dozen old canning jars all unique, and a box of vintage linens that no one had gone through yet.  It was mostly Dish Towels and Dinner Napkins with initals, monograms, and embroidery, and a couple of handmade crocheted popcorn pillow covers with chunky tassels.They were all really discolored, folded up and stored for a long time - but I was pretty sure bleach would fix these babies.  

I took my pile to the lady running the show and she started to sort through adding up my stash.  She said $10 for everything - I paid her...and then I realized who she was. She was Marcia Brady, Maureen McCormick - a little older but I knew the face and the smile.  I had seen her a few times out junking at Salvation Army and some thrifts but never spoke to her. This time I said - "Hi - My name is Marsha." She smiled big held out her hand and said "Hi - It's really nice to meet you."  Her Mom (I think) got a kick out of it and I could only think that she's probably met every Marsha in Los Angeles by now.  I told her how funny it is going through life with a name that when people see me they say it 3 times - we laughed, spoke for a few minutes then I left.  I realized when I got to the car that I should have taken a photo but come on - 2 women doing garage sales at 8 in the morning don't really care to have their picture taken.  

Here's a little of what I got after a quick soak and wash -

Don't know if you can see but there were several Kitchen Towels with Hilton Hotel in the weave -  and several Towels with Rosenthal embroidered in blue - love them.  Two red pretty heavy cotton Towels gingerbreads and a holiday theme.  

Right away I put a Rosenthal Towel on my hook by the sink - love it.  Coincidentally, Rosenthal is my mother in laws maiden name - how funny is that, and I got them from thee Marcia.

So now - I'm rehabbing my Linen Closet - I have a  p-a-s-s-i-o-n  for Vintage Linens and have quite a collection - but I'm on a kick to eliminate, clean out, and get rid of what I no longer use - all good stuff, I just have way too much and must make room for more of what I do use!

They say your life changes every 6-7 years - mine is sure changing right now - so I'm packing up for September's haul to the Ventura Flea Market at the beach.  My favorite day.

Lots more to show you tomorrow - lots of Vintage Linens for sale and the improved lovely Linen Closet -

August 4, 2009


Good Morning -

     sitting here    taking deep breaths     crying     missing Presley

August 1, 2009

My Sweet Angel Presley

Would love to tell you what this little girl means to me - I just can't yet.

April 11, 1994 - July 30, 2009

  i love you so much

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