August 31, 2009

Beach Morning, Pillow Slips & Vintage Holders

Good Morning All -

Most mornings Mr Beachy brings me a cup of coffee and my section of the Daily News, I turn on the morning show, grab the newest magazine I haven't read yet, and get to work.  Wish I could say it looks like the photo above but it really looks like this - rumpled and congested with the computer, paperwork and the phone...yep, it's my desk in a bed.

When I've caught up or had enough - I get to sweeping up and figuring out what needs to be done.  More often than not, a chandelier needs beading, my ebay store needs attention, and I've always got painting and whitewashing to do.  Of course, there's always cleaning, cooking, and laundry to do in between and I don't think I'll ever catch up on everything.  I also have a constant little voice in my head telling me to head over to the thrifts for the spectacular stuff that was just dropped off.

Anyhow - A few weeks ago I cleaned out the Linen Cabinet - I don't need this much anymore, and I must let go of the extras. So here's my pile of what's going on to ebay and etsy, maybe you'll see something you love - there will more detailed photos over there.

Here's what I'm making over this week - painting, whitewashing, lining - a few will be for a couple of friends who are having birthdays - the rest will be sold.

One by one I'll get around to playing with each one of these treasures - lovin every minute, even in this incredibly hot summer with part of Los Angeles burning up in raging fires.  My heart goes out to everyone affected, evacuated and scared.  I hope it's over soon - every single firefighter is a hero.

Just a note:  See the canning jar with the single hydrangea?  I cut this blossom in my garden 3 weeks ago and look at it, still so fresh. I change the water every few days, but how is it so healthy after this long, normally hydrangeas barely last a couple of days, even when you soak the whole thing first.  Maybe this - I don't know...but I accidentally break crystals all the time while working, I put em in a jar with some sea glass and maybe a few shells.  Could that keep em alive longer?  I don't know, but it worked.   

Take Care - Make it a Great Day -

Sorry for the duplicate photo of the messy bed - I mean office.


  1. What a beautiful serene bedroom 'office' ... love the basket/boxes/mirrored shelf. Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Oh! to live in a white world! Not possible for me (messy husband!) but I've enjoyed seeing yours & that bed's not really messy believe me.
    a bientot
    Maggie ' Normandy Life

  3. Hi, Marsha, first off, welcome to blogging! Looks like you have a beautiful bedroom & you love thrifting like so many of us do. Might I suggest that you go in your template & make your fonts bigger?? It's VERY hard to read your blog posts & sidebar info, so you can change that in the template.

    To make an active link, here's what you do. Go & grab the link url and save it, come back to your post, type in whatever you want the link to say, click on that little icon in your post box that looks like a world with parantheses around it, click on it & it will open a little box, then you paste in the url address you have saved. Then save it & close the box & the word/s that you have put in will be a live link.

    Enjoy blogging & thanks for joining the party!

  4. G'morn, Marsha ~ Gail is the most wonderful warm bubbly beautiful person, ever. Our time with her, brief unfortunately, was so full & rewarding. Her home reflects her personality, let me tell you.

    I met her on ebay eons ago, she captivated me with her creations ... the relationship grew from there. You may view her pieces in my April & May posts, I believe.

    Thank you for popping by ... enjoyed our visit. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Hi Marsha,
    Thanks for the note.. LoVe your beautiful white office oops..bedroom.. So relaxing.. I soo wouldn't get up for much girlie !! The skies are terrible here by my cottage.. soo dark and scary looking.. Not good to be breathing all this yuck either.. Hope you're safe.. Have a good day, and I hope you get lots done !!
    hugs ~tea~xo


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