September 21, 2009

Surfing Malibu from Cloud 9, Tony & Sunset Flight

Happy Day Everyone -

Last Friday night we took a sunset flight over the city, valley,  beach & up the coast.   It was unusually cloudy in some places - but even the tops of the clouds are spectacular from the sky.  That's a small plane you say - yep, it is. Seats 4 and you're almost touching shoulders.  

When my son Tony, was really young he started a lifelong fascination with airplanes, cars, and pretty much anything that moved him around.  He knew going to the market with me meant he would be adding a sleek shiny new plane to his fleet and while I never knew one from the other or what he already had - he did, down to the color of the stripes and decals.  He would flip through the packages like he knew what he was looking for and always found one that delighted him for the rest of shopping and the rest of the day. He always carried a little plane {race car in the other hand} around and he - he'd squint one eye and flew those little planes around looking thru the windshield at eye level and he was a happy kid.  I knew one day he'd do it for real, and when he did I told him that when he turned one of his dreams into a reality - one of my dreams came true too.  I am so proud of him.

I've flown many times with him, sometimes just around, sometimes up to Santa Barbara for lunch and a little shopping, but this was my first sunset flight.  We took off from Van Nuys and I started snapping photos - I love the way there's one house lit in the photo - I'd love to give this photo to those people.  

As we headed towards Santa Monica you could see the clouds socked in - the marine layer.  There were snippets of clear skies, but the sun was starting to set and well, I didn't let my nerves show - I have 100% confidence in my Pilot.

The skies opened up when we got to Malibu - this stretch of beach houses is Malibu Colony - and above that is the Cross Creek Shopping Market.

This is another stretch of beach houses - they're all fabulous, ain't a bad one in the bunch.

This is Tony, my son the Pilot.

Love this - that's PCH, cross creek shopping, and the Malibu Pier at the top. That's the Adamson House in the center of the photo - the 1st original Malibu Beach House.  It's an amazing home, now maintained by the city - magnificent views and grounds from every angle - especially when it's loaded with surfers.

This is approaching Paradise Cove - the beach at Magic Hour.

We were at the most perfect spot when I got the sunset - I got lucky with this timing...that's for sure.

We flew around for a while, then traveled over Malibu Canyon to the valley and headed back to the airport.

We went around the airport one more time -

Then had a perfect landing on one six right.

It's my greatest pleasure that both my son Tony, and my daughter Jennifer are good, kind, considerate, patient, compassionate, loving, generous people - and that they continue to make me proud every single day in everything they do.

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September 15, 2009

Ocean Breezes in the Living & Dining Room

Hi -
Sounds crazy I know, but I must have had a flu or some bug because I feel so much better now! Last week I popped a few pills, took some rests and faked it - and it must have worked.  
The last couple of days you could really feel Fall in the air, grey sky in the am with some fog and mist - and a wonderful breeze crosses through the house.  I love it.  

Love a fireplace - this is one that opens to the Family Room in the background too - surprisingly there's nobody laying on the couch right now.  My Grandma's crystal lamps are up there on the mantel with some things that I change out for the seasons. Hmmm the fireplace trim - I gotta do something about that - that trim has got to go.  Maybe it could be painted?  Why not?

The club chairs in the Living Room below are distressed brown leather - they're great but I Summer them up with some white throws just to change it up a bit. My favorite bit of advice I got from my favorite designer was to move something out the minute you walk by it saying "this has to go."  Sometimes I walk past something for 6 months before I finally move it out.  Do you do that?  I need to work on it.

Above is the Front Door into the Living Room - & you can see the Dining Room from the front door too - I'm standing in it.   

Dining Room is a good size with great natural light from the big windows.   Now I'm standing where there is a swing door to the kitchen so it's really easy to serve.  The french doors open to an outdoor kitchen/BBQ area.  It's all original cement and used brick with a bar serving area with a couple of stools and a cool old bench. Great for crowds and parties - another place to go for food which is great because thekitchenissotight.

This is probably my favorite Chandelier - Mr Beachy's design - it's mother of pearl squares to the ceiling, and the bottom is iron with metal flowers.  It's over the top naturally weathered and aged - it was sitting outside on a deck in Paradise Cove for years when I scored it from a very nice guy who GAVE it to me.  It's white and rusty and scruffy and probably the most commented on Chandelier in our house.  Is it a compliment when people say "only you" - it is to me.

I change the bottom crystal whenever I find something interesting that goes with my centerpiece which is always seasonal flowers and stuff.  The old farm table and chairs were a Salvation Army find years ago, I covered the seats with white denim - now I'm thinking of recovering with a faded stripe - 

My favorite flower right now is white carnations - they're always at the market and they're just a few bucks.  

The display stand in the corner is holding some old beaded lamps and hurricanes that I use for centerpieces with candles. There's glass shelves, it's got some tole roses vining through it and I think it's days are numbered around here.  

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September 6, 2009

Custom Chandeliers For Every Room

Hello Weekenders -

AHHHHH a holiday weekend with no plans. I'm staying around the house and gonna fix up my blog - well, I'm going to give it a go as they say.

Went back into some old photos and pulled out some of my favorite Chandeliers - some are in my house today and the rest used to be here.  Grab a drink we're having a LIGHT SHOW!

This is one I truly regret selling, although I can't keep em all.  I've tried.

I especially like the medium size Chandeliers - everyone needs at least one - yeah?

This one was from the famous Greta Garbo Estate in Bel Air, California

This was in our Powder Room - I think it went to Australia

Straight out of a Castle in Hollywood

Everyone loves traditional

Left was also out of the Greta Garbo Estate - Right was used in a TV Show 
These Sconces have been used in many productions - they'll be  available here and on ebay as soon as I can!

This beauty is in a Bridal Shoppe in Nevada USA

Traditional with a twist
This one was used in a movie 
A little more traditional with some funky style
Next two were designed for a ceiling fans
This one reminded me of an antique cake plate - upside down

New made to look old and french - I love that

Next three great petite size
Rescued this one - found in pieces 
Left - cool french cage with all rhinestone center - amazing sparkle Right loaded with crystals
Favorite outdoor - iron roses on top

Romantic Frenchy
Left is in my kitchen - it's all white & I love it - Right is our signature style all funky beaded with old crystals - 

This style petite Chandelier is one of my favorites for baby gifts - I can't even count how many I've given and each one is custom designed just for this baby.

This one is on the Porch by the front door.

This crown Chandelier is on a ceiling fan in my bedroom. 

This Chandelier was used in a movie

Our signature style - in a petite size

That's my Chandelier Light Show for now - we've been doing Chandeliers for 15 years and these were the photos I have handy - hope you enjoyed the tour - 

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