September 6, 2009

Custom Chandeliers For Every Room

Hello Weekenders -

AHHHHH a holiday weekend with no plans. I'm staying around the house and gonna fix up my blog - well, I'm going to give it a go as they say.

Went back into some old photos and pulled out some of my favorite Chandeliers - some are in my house today and the rest used to be here.  Grab a drink we're having a LIGHT SHOW!

This is one I truly regret selling, although I can't keep em all.  I've tried.

I especially like the medium size Chandeliers - everyone needs at least one - yeah?

This one was from the famous Greta Garbo Estate in Bel Air, California

This was in our Powder Room - I think it went to Australia

Straight out of a Castle in Hollywood

Everyone loves traditional

Left was also out of the Greta Garbo Estate - Right was used in a TV Show 
These Sconces have been used in many productions - they'll be  available here and on ebay as soon as I can!

This beauty is in a Bridal Shoppe in Nevada USA

Traditional with a twist
This one was used in a movie 
A little more traditional with some funky style
Next two were designed for a ceiling fans
This one reminded me of an antique cake plate - upside down

New made to look old and french - I love that

Next three great petite size
Rescued this one - found in pieces 
Left - cool french cage with all rhinestone center - amazing sparkle Right loaded with crystals
Favorite outdoor - iron roses on top

Romantic Frenchy
Left is in my kitchen - it's all white & I love it - Right is our signature style all funky beaded with old crystals - 

This style petite Chandelier is one of my favorites for baby gifts - I can't even count how many I've given and each one is custom designed just for this baby.

This one is on the Porch by the front door.

This crown Chandelier is on a ceiling fan in my bedroom. 

This Chandelier was used in a movie

Our signature style - in a petite size

That's my Chandelier Light Show for now - we've been doing Chandeliers for 15 years and these were the photos I have handy - hope you enjoyed the tour - 

Blogged to join and party with Susan -


  1. Oh, Marsha....I have soooo enjoyed the light tour! My fave (if I just HAD to pick one) might be the one that was in your powder room. They are all so exquisite, I've never seen such a wonderful collection...... I'm so inspired now!
    Hugs and happy long weekend to you!

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! I am in love with all of them... how do you part with them? I would love to get rid of all our ceiling fans and put chandeliers up, but we need them in TN. I am so impressed! Thanks for the tour!

  3. I could see one of those beauties over my dining room table. Simply stunning!

  4. These just take my breath away! I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. What fun to enjoy them for a while in your home and then pass them on for someone else's pleasure!

    Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for sharing.


  5. Never seen so many at one time---so interesting. We had one at one time which we moved and then it ended up crashing to the floor. Sooooooooooo I now use the pieces for the Christmas tree ....

    my meta post is at my cottage blog here


    not at the link you will hit with my name.

  6. Be still my jealous heart! OH MY GOSH! I am now on the hunt to find something WONDERFUL for my formal dinning room. LOVE IT ALL! LOVE IT! Hear Me? LOVE IT!


  7. Oh Marsha,thank you for sharing a peek into your beautiful collection they are all so pretty.

  8. What an amazing collection! I really am having a hard time choosing which one I like the best. Although the baby chandelier was remarkable!

  9. What a dream! They are all so lovely, I don't know which is my favorite. I love the idea of having them attached to ceiling fans. I'd have more chandeliers in my house if it weren't for the need of the fans to keep us cool at night.

  10. These are stunning. I enjoyed each one! Thanks for sharing.

  11. They are every one exquisite and it just is NOT fair that someone has access to so many beautiful chandeliers and I haven't a single, solitary one! Nope! Not one! (stamping foot here!)
    However..when I saw the pictures of you and your gorgeous can I feel like that when you so obviously deserve such beautiful things! :) Just teasing you!
    They truely are beautiful and you truely are lucky! :)

  12. Great Chandeliers!! I would love to have just one. We had five amazing matching ones in our house in Jordan. They put us way over the ostentatious factor, but every house has them. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Marsha,
    These chandeliers are GORGEOUS! I know you must have difficulty parting with even one. Thank you for sharing a part of your heart...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  14. Oh man, oh man, oh man, this was a pleasure seeing all these beautiful chandeliers. I don't know how you do it either departing from these. I know you can't keep them all, but wow it's got to be hard. I really enjoyed seeing this post. I'm going back to check out your other post as well since I'm new here.

    What a treat-

  15. I think you have converted me! somehow your chandeliers look so light and joyful. Such a pleasure to discover this blog (via abeachcottage).

  16. Beachy……check. California……check. Ventura Swap Meet……check. Chandeliers……double check.

    Yes, I've checked and I think I love it around here!

  17. Hi Marsha,
    WOW !! Beautiful.. I'm speechless, and would soo have a hard time picking my favorite !! And, LoVe the whites in your home !! Sooo beachy.. Love it all !! Have a happy rest of your week !!
    hugs ~tea~xo

  18. Well YES I very much enjoyed the tour!!! They were all incredible, stunning, and gorgeous!! How cool that you can "makeover" these old, beauties! I'm practically speechless...

    :) T

  19. I have just died and gone to chandelier heaven!!

    Loved my visit, your blog is amazing, and so is the work you do!
    Bless you,
    Donna Lynn

  20. Trip the light fantastic! A girl after my own heart. We specialized in chandeliers and vintage mirrors at the shop. I miss it so!

  21. ~ Swoon ~

    My dream is to live in a house with high ceilings and have chandeliers!

  22. Beautiful post! So happy to have found your blog.
    I linked to you today just to show off your gorgeous chandeliers! Thanks so much for all of your inspiration!

  23. Beautiful pieces! Each would definitely add an air of sophistication and elegance in your room. It's a great investment.

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