September 21, 2009

Surfing Malibu from Cloud 9, Tony & Sunset Flight

Happy Day Everyone -

Last Friday night we took a sunset flight over the city, valley,  beach & up the coast.   It was unusually cloudy in some places - but even the tops of the clouds are spectacular from the sky.  That's a small plane you say - yep, it is. Seats 4 and you're almost touching shoulders.  

When my son Tony, was really young he started a lifelong fascination with airplanes, cars, and pretty much anything that moved him around.  He knew going to the market with me meant he would be adding a sleek shiny new plane to his fleet and while I never knew one from the other or what he already had - he did, down to the color of the stripes and decals.  He would flip through the packages like he knew what he was looking for and always found one that delighted him for the rest of shopping and the rest of the day. He always carried a little plane {race car in the other hand} around and he - he'd squint one eye and flew those little planes around looking thru the windshield at eye level and he was a happy kid.  I knew one day he'd do it for real, and when he did I told him that when he turned one of his dreams into a reality - one of my dreams came true too.  I am so proud of him.

I've flown many times with him, sometimes just around, sometimes up to Santa Barbara for lunch and a little shopping, but this was my first sunset flight.  We took off from Van Nuys and I started snapping photos - I love the way there's one house lit in the photo - I'd love to give this photo to those people.  

As we headed towards Santa Monica you could see the clouds socked in - the marine layer.  There were snippets of clear skies, but the sun was starting to set and well, I didn't let my nerves show - I have 100% confidence in my Pilot.

The skies opened up when we got to Malibu - this stretch of beach houses is Malibu Colony - and above that is the Cross Creek Shopping Market.

This is another stretch of beach houses - they're all fabulous, ain't a bad one in the bunch.

This is Tony, my son the Pilot.

Love this - that's PCH, cross creek shopping, and the Malibu Pier at the top. That's the Adamson House in the center of the photo - the 1st original Malibu Beach House.  It's an amazing home, now maintained by the city - magnificent views and grounds from every angle - especially when it's loaded with surfers.

This is approaching Paradise Cove - the beach at Magic Hour.

We were at the most perfect spot when I got the sunset - I got lucky with this timing...that's for sure.

We flew around for a while, then traveled over Malibu Canyon to the valley and headed back to the airport.

We went around the airport one more time -

Then had a perfect landing on one six right.

It's my greatest pleasure that both my son Tony, and my daughter Jennifer are good, kind, considerate, patient, compassionate, loving, generous people - and that they continue to make me proud every single day in everything they do.

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  1. Oooo, I don't think I could do it - I'm terribly afraid of heights. But it does look amazing!! What spectacular pics! Good for your son for making his dream come true!!

    :) T

  2. Hi Marsha,
    You made me laugh..your comment on my "big black monster"..I need to have your great,positive attitude.. I have to pout for a wee bit longer, and than I will think of you !! hahahahaha..Hoping your day is going splendid !! hugs ~tea~xo

  3. What a lovely post Marsha, both the great pictures and your obvious love for your children. They're beautiful on the inside and outside judging by the photo.

  4. I'm completely in love with this blog and your home and your beautiful pictures. I have not had time to read it yet but truly love your style! So glad I came across you today!

  5. Pretty cool to view the beach from up in a plane. I love the one with the sun reflecting on the water and the sunset.

  6. Wonderful series of photos from the plane. I've never been in one that small. Isn't it nice to have kids that make you so proud! Congrats to you! Job well done.

  7. How lucky for you!!! You caught some great shots!

  8. Lucky Mom! Great photos and kids! I'm so glad I found you over at Barbara's blog! I'm off to see what I've been missing over here! xo Roberta

  9. Never been in a plane THAT small, but I love flying.

    And I'm of the opinion that "good, kind, considerate, *patient*, compassionate, loving, generous people" usually share that trait with a parent.

    Pleasant day,

  10. How wonderful that your son took you flying! I truly enjoyed the experience through your photos and monologue.

    I truly appreciate your tribute to your children..."good, kind, considerate, compassionate, loving, generous"...even if patience is not one of their attributes, for now.That will change with maturity...

    Acorns don't fall far from the tree...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  11. Marsha-thank you so much for stopping to visit me and your kind words. I can tell I will enjoy both your style and your love for your kids. I don't fly, so I really enjoyed you taking me along for the ride. It looks beautiful. So are your children.


  12. you should be proud indeed! how fun to fly like a bird...can't wait to explore your blog further. erin

  13. Good to get new perspectives to totally appreciate this amazing earth we are so fortunate to be a part of. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  14. Marsha,

    What a lovely post! First off, what a wonderful adventure to be able to go flying with your handsome son and beautiful daughter! It is so nice to read about a mother who is genuinely proud of her children! You obviously did a fantastic job in raising them!

    Secondly, those photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing life from such a different vantage point!

    Oh yes, and I like you, too! What a sweet comment to leave for me! You made my afternoon.


  15. Oh, how proud are you of your son, Tony. My daughter-in-law's brother has just gone of to New Zealand to learn to become a pilot. We went over the Grand Canyon in a plane like's such a different experience to the big planes, isn't it ?....oh, and I'm sure you are just as proud of your daughter, too.
    Re, the light fitting...I take ages to come round to new ideas and I'm still into the metal chandeliers...give me a little time and I'll be loving them !!! XXXX

  16. Marsha, I was blog hopping this morning & just lucked onto you. The name of your Blog is what hooked me (from someone's comment area). I fell in love with the California Coast after coming there in April to take a class with Diana Frey. I flew into Santa Barbara. GREAT AIRPORT! You are so lucky to have Tony as your personal pilot. And what a handsome guy! You should be a proud MOM! That first photo was my favorite. Showed the light reflecting off that pond. WOW! I'll be back. Loved your Blog.

  17. I felt like I was right there with you...

    My beautiful I miss it! Sniff!


  18. Oh my!!!what handsome children---.



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