August 4, 2009


Good Morning -

     sitting here    taking deep breaths     crying     missing Presley


  1. Oh Sweetie...cry all you want. God knows and cares. He made sweet animals for us to pleasure in...delight in. Of COURSE we cry when they leave us...our LOVE for them is real.

    Grieve for as long as it takes for you to heal. Healing will come one day. And when it does...march yourself down to wherever YOU'RE LED and get yourself another little sweetie to love. There is ANOTHER precious baby out there that NEEDS YOU...and YOU THEM.

    Finding Mollie (my Yorkie) doesn't lessen the love I still carry in my heart for Gretchen (my Silky). But I do honor her memory by loving another one of God's Blessings as much as I can.

    Understanding and feeling your loss.

    Love, Rebecca

  2. Aaahhh Marsha,
    Feeling your pain, and wishing..hoping..a smile comes your way and warms your heart..or when you're feeling better, a new waggy tail..licky tongue..kinda puppy.. One will never replace your Presley baby,but soon, will ease your pain..
    big hugs to you


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