April 3, 2010

Beach House Porch, Mantel & Jen's Wedding Invitation

Day 84 - Here's my little beach cottage - and I do mean little...couldn't get great photos today but I think you can get the idea...

We'll have frames with fabric creating a topless tent { I didn't want a tent tent }to give us privacy, even though the neighbors are coming, market lights strung from the trees on the street to the porch in a triangle pattern, up lights on the trees and a Chandelier above the dance floor.  I'm standing on the driveway which is lined with topiaries that will have twinkle lights in them, and that will be our bar and hight cocktail tables area...

When you walk in the front door, the first thing you see is the fireplace mantle - I never ever know what to do up there, but I looked at some of my favorite books, and checked out some blogs and took all the good ideas that included stuff I already had, and came up with this - it'll do for now -

The pink rose is from my neighbors garden, and the twigs are from the walnut tree next door -

Today I found the bottle on the left end of the next photo - I was so happy because I was on the hunt for exactly one like this one for the marriage ceremony.  It's the perfect old aqua message in a bottle with an old metal stopper at the top.

When we started to look at invitations I fell off my chair a few times at the costs - wow, I really got a quick education in the whole printing world.  It ain't cheap.  Nothing is. Even if you do it yourself on the computer you've got to buy the cardstock and the ink or toner, the envelopes etc. or pay Kinkos to print each side, including return addresses.  No matter how you look at it, it's going to cost - so for us, after we went round and round, pricing out DIY and going to 4 different stationers and through probably 100 books, we found this one that we loved and went with it.  We were thrilled when we got them, and I figured we were VERY lucky to find something we loved for not that much more. No printer jams no ink problems, just order, pay and receive.   For me, A Bargain -

I had to take the photos of the invitation outside so you could see it - the heavy card stock has a pearlized effect that I love, the inside card is white that reflects silver, and the wrap stock is like heavy matte gold that reflects like platinum. 

Bottom left corner says shoes optional

The response card is also white with a little silver reflect -

So, what do you think?

They haven't gone out yet, so you're getting a sneak preview -

Next we're making Beach Parking passes, tagging flip flops, Program fans, wrapping silverware etc etc etc etc etc.

See you tomorrow -

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  1. Hi Marsha Whow your porch looks so unreal all white and fresh. The wedding plans sound like they are coming along nicely and I think the invitiations are very stylish.
    Love your mantel you have done a great job adding all your bits & pieces. Love looking at your blog. Sady x

  2. I just love your house so much, I can never get enough of looking at pictures of it. I cannot wait to see pictures from the wedding, it is going to be so amazing. The invitations are gorgeous too!

  3. its going to be amazing, love what you have done with the mantle and the invitations are just gorgeous

  4. This is my first visit to your lovely blog but I will be returning! Your mantel is like a walk along the shore - pleasing to the senses with scattered treasures. The chandelier is stunning!
    Your wedding invitations turned out beautiful as I'm sure the entire event will.
    Wishing you all the wonders of spring.

  5. Everything looks great. Your quite organized! Those invites did turn at nicely.

  6. Dear Marsha,
    Well, first of all, your cottage looks stunning. The gardens are lush and green and look beautiful too.
    Isn't it fun, organising a wedding ?... even though it can be a little stressful at times !!
    I made my son and daughter-in-law's invitations and everyone loved them, even though I say so myself !!!! haha.
    The invitations are WONDERFUL. You couldn't have chosen better. They are very classy. People often tend to go over the top with everything at a wedding, don't they ? These are just perfect.
    I think that everything is coming on nicely and, I look forward to seeing more of the preparations. XXXX

  7. LOVE your invites! What is "flip flop tagging"? Sizes? Please include pics of the rest of your things you listed. Two weeks ago I went to New Orleans for a wedding and there was a GREAT guest gift bag when we checked in at the hotel. A sticker on front with the couple's names and a fleur de lis. Inside- bottled water with the same logo, a 2pack Tylenol, a NOLA book of events and attractions, a program of wedding events, including a map of the French Quarter and Garden District (where the wedding was held at St. Louis Cathedral),umm, can't remember what else, but it was darling and your flipflops and fans remind me of it~ so thoughtful of you!

  8. Beautiful lil Beach Cottage! Very fresh, clean.How exciting a Wedding as well.

    Your Chandeliers are Simply Amazing!

    ~Cheers Kim

  9. A beautiful blog award has been passed to you


  10. Oh my....I love your porch!!!
    I need to come drink some vino there...haha:)
    What a fabulous little place!

  11. love anything that involves the beach this means you thanks for joining my blog...

  12. The invitations are stunning!! Just gorgeous. I just want to bring my latte over and sit on your porch.... it's so charming!!!! Great touches on the mantel.... i love the reflection of the chandi!!! I'm loving ALL your chandi's.... my heart is completely smitten with them... oh my word you've given me the need new light fixtures bug in a bad way!! HEE HEE so wish i could shop your amazing lighting selection!!!!

  13. Marsha,

    Your creative spirit just amazes me! Your little white cottage is simply gorgeous and as I read about your plans for the wedding, I think of the movie Father of the Bride. I adore that movie and the wedding at home just melted my heart!

    The invitations are perfect! Everything from the font to the gorgeous paper is just lovely. I can't wait to see what else you have come up with! You are creating a magical day for your daughter and your almost son-in-law! One that they will cherish forever! Wonderful!


  14. Your cottage with the painted porch is wonderful. To me it probably wouldn't be little at all. I live in a 1800+sqf Dutch Colonial, and it feels way too big, two rooms two spare! My next home will be a small cottage (or a condo) for sure!

  15. Your cottage is fantastic and your invitations are beautiful. I'm so glad you visited my blog so that I could find yours :).

  16. everything could not be more beautiful! Your yard is so amazing. I could totally live there.

  17. OMGosh, I just love it when I find a new blog that thrills me to read...and I do love your's. Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know you were here. I am signing up to follow and will be back often.
    I am so in love with your beach house..your mantel looks amazing and now I am going to pull out my old Ball canning jars, hung some branches and rework MY mantel....:)
    xo bj

  18. Your home is incredible....I love everything.

    The invitations are so beautiful!

    LuLu Kellogg


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