April 2, 2010

Malibu Beach Supply & An Old Turquoise Deck Chair

 Jen's Beach Wedding - 86 days to go.  There's something to do every single day - we're getting very excited around here, very busy finalizing all the arrangements and adding lots of details that I am going to share with you -

So to catch up, last Saturday some friends and I threw a Bridal Shower at Zen Bistro for our friends' daughter Stephanie, and it was - as the girls said UH-mazing.  We were Ladies lunching with Champagne on the Lake - and I got reminded how we actually become a different person when we put on our party manners and a new outfit.

This was the setting  - we kept this whole side open to the Lake - it was a beautiful day with a little breeze - just perfect.

Meet Lovely Stephanie and Handsome Danny - getting married May 1st -

Sunday was a no plans day, so Mr bh and I went to Neptunes Net up PCH for some fish and chips - 

It was of course, really crowded but we met up with some friends, got a great table, and enjoyed the ocean breeze kickin up - see the palms!  When we pryed ourselves out of our seats we headed to the Nursery to get some succulents and cutting flowers and there's a little junk place there that I love poking through -

But! On the way we spotted an Estate Sale sign, so even though it was close to 3 pm and they were sure to be all closed up we took the detour - beautiful detour -

This old Beach Deck Chair was sitting close to the road guiding us to the Estate - waiting for us. 

She has her original turquoise finish all weathered and worn, a couple slats missing but I don't care, it's sturdy and strong and was $3.  We loaded her in the back of the truck as fast as we could before they could change their mind.

Made it down to the Nursery and went over the props area to see if there was anything there I couldn't live without.

Loved the blue jugs and all the white wicker with the old pots back there -

Fabulous old Farm Table with the perfect patina - really big

Great old watering cans, big baskets, some great glass stuff, and old gardening tools - I really didn't want to leave anything behind, but I chose a few things and went over to the Nursery 

I want to pot some succulents by my side door { the door I use on the driveway } I haven't always loved them, but now I do, and I thought they would be great in my old terra cotta pot covered with lined up shells.   I got a few varieties to play around with - I'll try them out, it may be too old lady, I'll see...

Here's what I scored from the junk shop - couple of Chandeliers, the back one is old and french with little barbola roses, a pair of metal Seahorses, a cool old turquoise bottle - 

And these three big Porch Sconces -

And then Home to our Porch -

Tomorrow Day 85 - countdown to Jen's Wedding I'll show you the invitations -


I'll show you the rest of the Porch and the front of our house and yard where the Reception will be -

Thanks to all the bloggers for your inspiration on what to do with the Mantle - I copied
learned from you and I'll show you mine tomorrow - it's the first thing you see when you walk in -

I wish you all a wonderfully happy Easter and Passover -


  1. I enjoyed this post. Have missed you.

  2. What a great day out! Thanks for sharing. I love those porch sconces.

  3. that deck chair is just gorgeous, love the colour! Also great finds from the junk shop too.

  4. Oh my gosh...sounds like a super fabulous day:)
    I love the chair!!!

  5. malibu looks so pretty need to take a visit sometime.


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