February 25, 2010

Beach House Chandeliers & Stuff

Good Mid Morning - I'm sending love to Layla Grace and her family. Her brief life powerfully reminds me to value life everyday.

While I was taking some of these photos yesterday, I was down on the floor and when I turned around I was face to face with this old 7-Up box on the fireplace.   It is stuffed with 2009 files and paperwork and now overflowing into another pile next to it.  I've got to do my taxes and get rid of this already, and I don't even mean really DO them, I mean organize the paperwork for the accountant to really DO them. Starting Monday morning for sure.  Really, I figured out that's the only way to make the pressure go away.

Anyway Mr Beachy has been spending alot of time working in his studio lately and called me to come out and look at a few Chandeliers in progress.

These two were done and I was blown away - I think they are both amazing.

My girlfriend {thanks, Lor } found this beautiful iron aqua/turquoise piece as you see it, all beat up and loved, out at the Flea Market a few months ago, and now it's a Chandelier.  We rarely find pieces with great color but this one was just too cool to paint.  I love the beachy coastal feel and the total uniqueness of the Chandelier.

So we brought it in, I beaded it with thick french scalloped crystals and huge old crystal pendants at the bottom.  I love it.

Hung it outside on the Porch to photograph in the natural light, but the photo inside is the true color - 

Then he said "Whaddya think of this?"  Me:  "MMMMM"  I LOVE IT,  I WANT IT."  That's my usual response, check this out -

Looks like its straight from the beach or maybe was by barn doors or a garden gate.  How great over a kitchen island or sink, next to the bed - so great everywhere.

Aren't they great?

So I'm home alone all day today and am going to get organized.  Gotta start getting the trailer packed up for the Flea Market on Sunday, then join Jen's future in laws for dinner Sunday night for fiance Ryan's birthday.  Buca di Beppo { I think } has the best Chicken Marsala and I am in the mood, oh yeah.

In between everything next week heading downtown to the flower district with Rhonda to see what we can get for Jen's Beach Wedding.

Have a good one, I gotta go sell some Chandeliers too -


  1. Hi Marsha always love it when I wake up and there is a new post from you. Always love spying treasures in your home. That aqua chandy is beautiful but I do love that pendant light as well. Just don't know how you part with them all. Then again there is always another find out there. Have a great weekend sounds like your going to. Sandy x

  2. Both of those are great. How long is that aqua one? We have really low ceilings...I really like it.

  3. Those old wood crates seem to be popping up in homes around Blogland. I wish there was one hidden somewhere in my house, but I know there isn't. The nautical lantern is awesome, of course! And I love the chandelier too..., and the idea of hanging it on the porch. Although in my current house it's not possible, there's always wind, wind, wind!

    Thanks so much for the button..., I'm honored to see it right there on your blog!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  4. My house isn't really a fancy chandelier house (more traditional) and I never thought about wanting one...but, you are changing my mind. I love that first one...love it. It is one of those things I could redo an entire room around.

  5. Dear Marsha,
    The turquoise chandelier is so lovely as is the lantern. You have done a great job on them..... and, I love your photographs and your home.....but, I also LOVE that old box you are keeping your papers in !! XXXX

  6. Oh, wow! These really are great. I'm swooning over that gorgeous chandelier!

  7. That chandelier is AMAZING!!! You and Mr. Beachy's work is really incredible. I have chandeliers in several rooms in my house, but I'd like more...I hope someday I can save up and buy one from you :) Can't wait to see what flowers you pick.
    Enjoy your weekend...

  8. Hi Marsha! Nice to meet you too!

    Wow! I ADORE your chandeliers!!! Beautiful! And your beach house is gorgeous!

    I will be back to your blog often:)

  9. Oh my gawd...i have just found your site! I am an aussie from sydney australia- & have moved to england with gorgeous & lovely 3 kids & husband..have started a great buisness & spend my time junking and sewing....wish i could get one of your chandeliers over here and back to oz as life in sydney is like life in Cali- i imagine! enjoy the beach & sun for us....
    gotta get back to your blog!
    Melissa x


  10. I wish my house was worthy of a chandelier! They are all so darn cute:)

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm in love with your blog, your chandeliers, everything. You are truly talented. Cant wait to share it with my mom.

    Take care!


  12. I had a nasty encounter with a chandelier in my youth, but when I visit your blog I know I could love again! You have wonderful taste, all your chandeliers look light-hearted and elegant rather than - (I think I had better censor that...)

  13. Oh love it all! That chandelier is amazing! And that seven up box is just perfect! xoxo

  14. I love that chandelier and lantern!! Great work!! Do you sell them at Flea Markets? I sent you and email by the way, hope you got it!

  15. Hi Marsha~
    I found you through my friend Christina at icandy. This chandelier is amazing and I love the lantern.
    Have a lovely weekend and nice to meet you!
    LuLu Kellogg

  16. may I purchase the chandelier? I just redid my living room in shabby chic and it would be so perfect? Please get back to me, thanks and I like your blog

  17. Hello and Happy Spring (almost) sweet, Marsha!!!
    I am simply drooling over that aqua chandelier and the crystals that you added...*gasp*...
    Breathtaking and beautiful, as usual!

  18. I just love, love , love your home! So beautiful and white! The chandeliers are awesome too, just wondering if you sell them online at all? Thanks, Deb

  19. Are you selling the aqua chandelier? Let me know if you are and how much. It's something I would love for my beach cottage. I'm a new follower and loving your blog. See you again soon!

  20. I think beach houses and chandeliers are meant to go together. FABULOUS


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