October 19, 2009

Flea Marketing for the Beach House Wedding

Good Monday -

Whooooo - I am havin a real hard time getting into the swing of things this Monday morn - I feel like we partied hard all weekend.  You know, partied hard - where you stay awake much later than usual, talking and laughing hysterically over shooters and Mudslides and a few various other cocktails with two other people you love dearly.

 My brother and sister IL live in Palm Springs { a desert resort a couple of hours away } and they're downsizing so we had an all day garage sale Saturday, stayed up late partying hard and then did it again all day Sunday.

 Having a garage sale is a kind of partying too, chit chatting with hundreds of people, being in a good mood and entertaining them while you hope they just haul something away.  You connect with your neighbors and get to know them - I think they feel it's much less invasive to hang out at someones home outside and so neighbors tend to stay and hang out.   My sister IL and I can go in and out of deep personal conversations and then jump into small talk with other people with no problem, almost automatically.  We're very talented that way, and we're always aware of where the husbands are, too.

Anyhow, our 2-hour trip down there took about 5 hours cuz we shopped and thrifted our way there.  I'm on the hunt for serving things for Showers and parties that are in the near future - and of course Jen's wedding.  I got lucky at garage and estate sales - people are giving great deals to get rid of stuff, and make a few bucks as we get closer to the holidays.    I do, however,  really feel for the cottage shop owners who are all singing the blues in a big way and are on their last leg.  More and more stores are closing the doors and some towns looked abandoned all together - it was weird and sad.

I found the coffee pot first - in great condition along with the big ironstone platter, the bread box and the canvas bag at an estate sale and and got the rest at Goodwills and Salvations along the way.    I'm sticking to enamelware, ironstone, white and silver serving pieces and old china.

Love that French Ice Bucket and hammered aluminum pitcher -

Love this coffee pot - country at the beach -

Enamelware - I've gathered up a few large pieces and I love em -

This 3 tier server reminds me of a little cafe -

Haven't a clue what to do with this old canvas bag - it's pretty big with a drawstring and I love the vintage lettering -

Scored 2 rolls of striped wall paper - I use them for gift wrap, a pair of shoes that I can actually wear because I'm giving in to lower heels -

And this is a shot I got of the the Sunrise in Palm Springs -

New coffee pot looks right at home to me -

I'm joining the "I'm a Flea Marketer Party" - check it out 


  1. Wow! you found some great treasures!!


  2. Hi Marsha,
    Ooohhh.. it sounds like you had just a lovely time !! I LoVe Palm Springs .. Such a get away !! And your white treasures .. WOW !! My Momma used to have theat exact coffee pot .. I LoVe the sound it makes when its actually perking .. the smell .. wonderful .. Hoping your evening is relaxing, and thanks for sharing yout treasures .. you did well !!
    hugs ~tea~xo

  3. It sounds like a fun weekend, but I can see why you didn't feel like doing much today!

    You found some great things.


  4. What beautiful stuff, I love your white color palette. Oh, and that kitchen sign is da bomb!
    So nice to meet you!

  5. I love the things you found! So clean and bright with all the white too.


  6. Wow, you got some goodies here...looove the bread box!!! Hope you have a fun week.

  7. DANG, I want to shop where you shop! AMAZING AMAZING FINDS! LUCKY girl! Have you ever read the book, Waterside Cottages? It's by Barbara Jacksier, it's abasolutely fabulous and I think you'd love it! Two of my friends have homes showcased in there...one is called "by the beautiful sea" (that's where we stay at the beach) and her sisters house, "The white house".

  8. Great goods gonna on all over the place over here...man o man I want all of it. Please? :>)

  9. Marsha, thanks for visiting MY blog! LOL Really that book is worth every penny. The cool thing about my friends is that they owned a REALLY awesome store for 7 years (I think) that only opened for like 4 weekends a year. It was SO popular that the line would wind around and around outside and they would only be able to let a small number in at a time. I was able to work it one weekend and it was so much fun...I'll go through my pics and come back and link pics for you!

  10. Here you go...pictures of the store that my friend Donna and her 3 sisters used to own. You can get a taste of their decorating style from this!


  11. Love it all sweet friend. But LOWER HEELS???? SAy it isn't so! I'm nearly faint.

    I've decided I'm going to walk on stilty-high shoes until I'm a great great granny. :) LOLOLO

    Love the MARSHA Sign! Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! We love you!


  12. Fabulous finds, Marsha, and , great cocktails at the end of it too !!!! Sounds like my kind of weekend. !!!! XXXX

  13. So so glad I found your blog. Love it!

  14. Love your finds...isn't it great when you get home and find that everything just goes perfectly together...love that!

  15. What a haul Marsha! That must have been a great weekend! I love your neon sign!

  16. Sounds like such a great time, and you got some great stuff. It is sad that all these small businesses are suffering and closing down. I hope things get better soon, the gloom of this econcomy is really getting to me. I love your chandeleirs so much, I have several throughout my house, I will have to share pics. I would love to buy one from you one of these days too.

  17. Marsha, what fun finds! I love the neon sign in your kitchen, by the way. Too cute!

    My dad lives in Palm Springs, La Quinta. It's very pretty out there and perfect for him and his wife, but too hot for me. I NEED my ocean! I think you understand what I mean:)


  18. Hi Marsha, great finds!! cheers Katherine

  19. Fabulous finds all the makings to a great weekend.

  20. That wonderful white umbrella would be perfect for a wedding!
    Lovin' all of the things you found.

  21. Great finds & I'm lovin the sign in your kitchen!How fun!:)

  22. Oh my i love all your finds!! the server, the bread can... yep i'm loving them all!!

  23. Beautiful treasures! Love your beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

  24. What great finds - I love them all but especially the coffee pot.

  25. You might want to research the Corningware coffee pot some were recalled for safety issues - everything looks pulled together and fun!!! Jennifer

  26. Yes, that coffee pot was recalled maybe 20 years ago, but a lot of people never knew about it so there are plenty of them out there still. It was something to do with the handle. All I had to do was send them the basket and stem and they sent me a corning tea kettle.

  27. I sure do love that coffee pot!!! so retro. Love all the things as well. You make having a garage sale sound like fun....you really do. I never have had one---always donate my stuff because it seems like such a chore. If I ever have to downsize ....well....I would probably donate ! But you do make it seem like fun; perhaps if someone was helping....like a sister....



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