October 14, 2009

Rainy Day & Dinner For Two - By the TV

Good day this rain day -

The sound of rain on my bedroom window awning is the most welcome sound in my sleep.  I was so happy to hear it at about 4 am, and when morning hit I got right up opened the front door and watched the rain from the porch with my Tea.  I'm off coffee right now - so I'm drinking lots my old fave Constant Comment and my new fave Mango Chamomile. When it rains I can breathe and see much more clearly, and everything looks so much better wet and clean, even weeds.  My grass was lovin it too - free water.

So when most say a rainy day gets them wanting to be all cozy with a good book and a fireplace fire - not me, I get energetic and gung ho.  I love the big chill.

This little house of mine is so 1940's California Cottage - we have a long driveway to a detached garage, so the garage is in the backyard and we have completely converted it to a working Studio for our Chandeliers - and that's where Mr Beachy works - about 20 steps from the back door.

So while Mr B was out in the studio most of the day this is what I got accomplished today, and listed on ebay - this Flying Vintage Cherub made of white capiz shells -

And this 2-Arm Vintage Beaded Sconce -

Then I heard those dreaded words coming in the back door "What's for dinner?"  Dinnertime has changed considerably around here since the kids moved out although I didn't much care for those words from them either.  I don't know why, I just cringed even though I made dinner every night and emjoyed it, the chaos, the mess, everything about it - I just hated that question.  It's so much easier now that it's just the two of us most of the time, once we had corn for dinner.  Just corn.

But tonite, it was Pizza on the coffee table in front of the TV.  
no planning 
no fuss
no table setup 
no mess

I love Topanga Pizza.

Tomorrow we're heading out of town to Palm Springs for a few days - and I plan on thrifting all the way there.  Have a great weekend, hope the rain stays around for a while...

Jen's Wedding Update:

We're Doing Save the Date Cards


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  1. Oh, doesn't everything look green and fresh after the rain.... and it smells so nice, too.
    Have a great trip and buy some lovely things !!!! XXXX

  2. We sometimes have those "in front of the TV" dinners -- it's just a good time to relax . . . . and for those, there's nothing better than pizza (unless it's Chinese Take Away!)

  3. i am glad you are enjoying the rain, but here...we are over it! too much, it needs to stop! sheesh. i love the clipped hedges and topiaries in your yard and your studio looks divine! your commute is a short one! as an empyt nester i don't miss cooking at all...in fact hubby does most of it now. i love that. good luck with wedding plans and thrifting!

  4. Dear sweet M...

    These days my Mr. AGPMan cooks as much as I do. I also hate the phrase "What's for dinner?" My oldest child was soooo incredibly picky that I grew to hate cooking evening the simplest of meals for a long, long time. Now that it's just my guy and me we pinch-hit a lot!

    These days I'm on weight watchers so cooking/planning meals is easy. I want to shed the 10-15 pounds I've needed to get rid of for several years and decided to do it the right way. EAT WELL and not starve myself. It's a good thing I love chicken because these days that's about all I eat. I've also have a new best friend. Her name is "Exercise Bike". :)

    Love to you from RAINY CLOUDY OKLAHOMA. Life is still good. I'm soooo coveting your pizza. Some day.

    Bless you~


  5. I know what you mean about eating differently after the kids leave. If we happen to have a big lunch...we often have cheese and crackers for dinner these days. Cooking for 2 just isn't as much fun, and we really aren't crazy about leftovers.

    Your yard is gorgeous. In Illinois, we can't get the rain to stop!

  6. Pizza sounds good for tonight, I love your little cottage, so wonderful..I also live in Ca and am thrilled for the rain, washes everything nice and clean and the grass loves it...I am a new follower of yours, I will return, come visit

  7. what a beautiful place you live in, marsha!
    me too love the rain.
    here it is still like in a hotel, everbody is eating at different times! :))
    with one husband and 4 kids...everything is possibile.
    I can't wait until we only are two!!!
    but then probably I will feel like you...
    baciusss my dear

  8. I am so happy I found your blog! I love your chandelairs! I make lamps too, mostly table lamps - cottage style. But I am saving your blog so I can see the beauties you make again and again! We used to live in Calif, and I remember when it rained, I just loved it too! We moved to Oregon 5 years ago, now we love the snow! Have a good week, your chandelairs are just beautiful!

  9. I enjoyed seeing your charming cottage. How nice for your hubby to work so close. But I see the downside. After 35 years of nightly dinners I announced that I was through cooking! It was great from then on with two deciding what we would eat and where. It works!

  10. Wow what agreat story even if it was a story about how to enjoy stillness and the sprinkle sound of rain.
    I also found out that you make your chandeliers at home. Lovely business.

    Hugs Eva Agnes

  11. I've very much enjoyed my visit to your blog, your creations are stunning as is your beach cottage!

    Isn't it great just cooking for two, not just the fact you can whip up a yummy meal in half the time, I love it there's no set time for dinner anymore - just whenever we feel like eating

    Hope you get heaps more rain


  12. Looks nice and cozy and relaxing!! My cottage is from the 40's also! My kids have left the nest too...but one is here for a bit since he is finishing his last course (just one class) and then he graduates from college--he is commuting 5 hours three days a week to complete it!

    As far as the food...I do enjoy cooking. ..but I enjoy having left overs too ;-). I am finding it challenging because I have a gluten problem and now we have switched to a mostly vegan diet to lower my cholesterol so I am having to try tons of new recipes...it is almost like starting all over in the cooking arena!! UGH!!!

    We have enjoyed rainy days here the past 2 days and I have loved it! OH--my house blog is the Spindle Cottage one (I have 4 others and it can get confusing)

  13. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. It's great to get positive feedback!

    Being in California, I can understand why you enjoy the rain. I wish I could say the same for me here in Germany, the worst thing for me is a cold October rain. Whenever that sets in, it seems to stay for weeks! Looking a lot like hot chocolate season!

    You have a very nice blog, I'll be visiting often ... I'm beginning to love white.


  14. Hi!
    I just found you blog and just love it!! How wonderful to be able to work from home in such an amazing space!
    Your yard is lovely too...love the hedging around it.

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  15. Hi, I just found your blog, and funny, I have a 1930s beach cottage with a detached garage/guesthouse that I use as a studio, too! I was so happy to see the rain, although fleeting! I could hear my (crunchy) grass sigh in relief!
    I can relate to the 'what's for dinner' twitch! I hope you enjoyed the pizza =)
    Love your blog!
    xo isa

  16. Your 1940s California cottage looks charming. I agree with you about loving the sound of the rain. Enjoy!

  17. I love your home and your yard and your back yard and the little studio cottage! Loved the whole post. Rain makes me energetic and gung-ho as well. Unfortunately we don't get many of those days, otherwise I would get a lot more done :-)

  18. Darling views from your place, sometimes it rains but always nice to be tucked into your cozy little home.

  19. I love the view from your porch, so pretty after the rain. I like the idea of a smaller house/cottage. Mine is getting too big for me as much as I love it. It was built in 1938, so it has lots of charm, but someday I will want something a little smaller and easier to decorate.


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