December 4, 2009

Our Menorah, Chanukah & Christmas

Evenin' - hope you're having a good one -

It's so cold and I love it so much.  Something about lighting a fire, cozying up with a blanket, wearing a sweatshirt and drinking endless cups of tea to help keep warm that turns me on.

I put this Chanukah Menorah together last year - I don't know if I broke any religious rules, if I did - I've tweaked them just a little bit, and I'd say it's ok.  This went right down the center of my Dining Room Table and I enjoyed it every time I walked by.    

We light the candles every night for 8 nights, we eat potatoe pancakes non stop, they're our appetizers and we serve them with applesauce, strawberries, cranberries, powdered sugar, apricot marmalade, and whatever else we can think of.  Maybe we'll try Nutella and cool whip this year, hmmm.  They are so good and they are gone so fast.  Sometimes the guys help out peeling and rubbing the potatoes and onions on a graph like grater the old fashioned way, or they stand and flip pancakes for a while and we all talk - I love that.  It's a messy job { especially with guys flipping }so I line the entire top of my stove with foil because the pans of splattering oil quickly get out of control, and the cleanup is - well you can imagine.  

This year, I'm doing everything on a tight budget of $0 - we'll be dipping pretzels and dried fruit in chocolate for gifts, decorating canning jars of tea lights, and a few other things.  I will be dropping off dog food at a few local rescues as often as I can - I've been told they give the food away to people who can't afford to feed their dogs - and then they won't have to give their pets up.

My sister-in-law is coming into town this weekend so we're starting Chanukah a little early - here's my Menorah this year - couldn't help but light the whole thing for a preview just a little early.  

Simple Beach House Menorah this year -

We're heading into the city tomorrow - making a special point to cruise Beverly Hills and photograph the decorations - they're always amazing.  Last year I took some photos of the crystal Chandeliers that were hung all along Rodeo Drive - I'm anxious to see what's up this year - I'll post both sets of photos over the weekend.

Tomorrow morning I'm hittin up a few garage sales if I can scrape up a few bucks - and believe it or not, I'm makin a ham for our early Chanukah dinner. hehe

Then it's Christmas with our "created family" -

Have a great weekend - Blogged to join and funky junk interiors and Kelly's Corner - Christmas Trees { and my Menorah }


  1. lovely... I like both years versions!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  2. Well, I know nothing about a Menorah or rules, but I think your creative approach is brilliant and beautiful. I often wish I had friends of all different religions so that we could share traditions and learn from each other. Sitting here in the Midwest...we don't have a lot of variety. Sue

  3. I love BOTH sets of candles and holders. I don't know much about Menorah rules, etc. but my sister would. Her favorite Prof in college was the one who taught her class on Jewish Studies and she's remained close friends with both he and his family for many years now.

    Love to Ms. happy I stopped by~

    Love, Rebecca

  4. Everything looks so beautiful, Marsha. I would leave the candles on the table, all year. Lovely that you drop off the dog food....that's a really king thought.
    Have a lovely weekend and, can't wait to see the photos of Christmas in Beverly Hills. XXXX

  5. I love the jars with the votives...such a simple idea, yet elegant. Reminds me of the beach! ~Lisa

  6. Oh my goodness--I don't know which I like better! They are both gorgeous, one in its elegance and one in its simplicity.

  7. Love both of these ideas--we're a Christ-anukah family ourselves, we celebrate both--I'm away from home until the last night of Hanukkah and wondering what I would do with no menorah, this gives me ideas, thanks!

  8. I think that is quite possibly the most stunning menorah I have ever seen!

  9. Marsha, I knew that there was another reason why I liked you! I am Jewish, too! And I LOVE your menorahs! They are just gorgeous. I have about eight of them and we light them all, each year! Each of my four daughters lights one and then the others are for guests! Most of my daughters friends are Christian, so they think that Chanukah is really cool!

    I never thought about doing what you did with the different candles! That is such a fantastic idea. Ham for Chanukah! Why not? As long as you are serving it with latkes, it's all kosher:)

    Enjoy your family! And a very happy Chanukah to you!


  10. Wow you locks like a emasing women. Good heart and the most importend is the family.
    I am not so good to read and understand but i like to have some pankake with nutella.
    Hope you can get some money too the ham.
    huggs sara from sweden

  11. How gorgeous!!!! I do love grouping candles together, they make such an impact! My favorite is your first photo, I love the graduated sizes and elegance!

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