December 3, 2009

Going in Circles

Today I jumped out of the tornado I've been caught in.  That's never happened to me before - I forgot to be happy,  I forgot to be thankful, I forgot to be busy, I forgot to pay attention to blogging and working and I really forgot that I'm letting go,  I got stuck.  I'll tell you later what I'm letting go of.

So I got up today, went for a hike, and now I'm gonna get it together.

A few weeks ago it started,  my family and I dropped everything and went to Arizona for a week to be with my Dad - he's got cancer and is hanging on - my uncle says he gets happy when we're there.  Next week he's coming here for a visit to the beach -

The Arizona sky -

Here's the wreath I found for $3 thrifting - pretty much sums up me going in circles lately

A great thing happened - my son Tony flew in the 2nd row left - formation over Los Angeles to honor Veteran's Day

Prep for Thanksgiving - lots of peeling going on

Jennifer and I made Thanksgiving Dinner together all day - we had the best time while the guys watched football and ate and played and the neighbors stopped by

 Dining Room - we didn't BBQ the turkey, but we left the doors open anyway - just about to set the table - forgot to take photos as we got busier.  

My favorite Chandelier - found the bottom part all chippy and old down the beach in a pile, and the top part  - it's all mother of pearl squares and it goes up to the ceiling...I think it was part of a floor lamp once

Love the finish and the old flowers so much

Found this old bread loaf baker thing - filled it with garden flowers

Here's where Jen's getting married - Pt. Dume in Malibu


This is where I resumed letting go today - because I've made the choice to focus on happy

Stopped at the Flower Market - keeping it real and simple 

I'll see ya tomorrow - thanks for being my friend


  1. Sometimes life just crashes in and flips off the joy button...I've been there and it doesn't feel good. I find that going where I can be near the water really helps me...I wish I could get to a beach as easily as you can! The pictures are great...good to see you back!


  2. Water is my soul soother, I perform better near it in every aspect. Such beautiful precision pics of your son's flight. Love the chandie ... don't you just love re-creating beautiful OLD things to beautiful NEW ...

    TTFN ~ Marydon
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  3. So lovely to catch up again Marsha and what a fabulous post. The Arizona sky...sigh. You must be soooo proud of your son!! And as for the pictures of your home, well it's one of my all time favourite places to find inspiration so keep it coming :o)

  4. Happy is a good thing to focus on and I'm attempting to do the same thing. I was off blogging for two months and just returned this week. I missed it and the normalcy it brings to my life when things are tough.

    Wishing you waves of happiness.

  5. Marsha it was a long time in between posts so I hope your feling better and as you say sometimes we forget about the good things in life. I mean we are here arn't we and thats everything some people just arn't so lucky. Love that chandelier and post more pictures of your home again soon - truly inspiring. Sandy

  6. "focus on happy" would make a great bumper sticker! recognizing that you "need to get it together" means you're on the right path to do, you must be so proud of your son! glad you are back to blogging and that $3 wreath is amazing! good find! take care, erin

  7. Glad you are back... so sorry to hear about your father.

    I adore you chandelier... I can see why it is your favorite!


  8. Healthy wishes to your father. Your chandeliers are so nice, especially the one in this post...would look fab anywhere.

    Your homestead is lovely.

    PS following you as well...

  9. Hi Marsha
    I just found your blog via Small Serendipities and love every bit of it.. I'll have a lot of reading to catch up on..

    I've been in a work imposed funk which although not as important in the big scheme of things as where I think you have been, I understand how the 'freshness' can just get zapped out of you.

    Your beautiful moon image is what lured me over here and now that I'm commenting I see we have some friends in mutual.

    Sorry to hear about your dad. I lost my mum to cancer and it does take it's toll on everyone. .. Julie

  10. Hi Marsha,
    So happy you are letting go, and feeling better !! So happy to hear from you, and see all your sweet pics .. I LoVe the beach, and Malibu, aahh .. I can be there every day, in my heart .. Soo beautiful, and relaxing .. All your pretties are scrumptious, and boy, do you take great pics .. hoping you are enjoying the season, blessings and love for a happy one ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  11. I have been thinking about you! Way to get off that tornado! Way to let go!!

    Lovin' the chandelier, and the sea shell wreath, and the photo of your son flying formation, and the fact that your dad is coming to visit.


  12. Hi Marsha, long time, no see.
    So sorry to hear of your Dad's illness. It's a very hard time for everyone. I know. I've been there. It's lovely that he is coming to stay with you. Enjoy every minute.
    Sitting here in the U.K., it's getting quite cold and wintery, so to see your wonderful photographs is delightful. Your house looks so lovely, and the beach, so inviting......and how proud are you of your son. It must be quite magical to watch him fly by.
    Take care and look after yourself. XXXX

  13. Keeping it simple is always a good thing. Luv your chandeliers! Well wishes to your Dad.

  14. So glad you are back, very sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep him in my thoughts. I just found out my uncle (only 42, we're the same age) has cancer. He still in shock right now, but I have faith he will beat it. Attitude counts for a lot, so glad you are being positive.


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