July 17, 2009

Hooked On Vintage Beach Art & Chandeliers

Hi Blog Friends -
It's been crazy hot here in So California lately - almost to hot to go thrifting. Staying inside really helps me catch up on what I should be doing so I have caught up a bit and have posted some Chandeliers below that I currently have on ebay if want to take a closer look - id is chandeliermagic. 

I'm hooked on Vintage Beach Art - I especially like the older ocean paintings on canvas or board.  The ones with the darker muted colors that have highlights on the water -they're the best.   The 1st one is in my Living Room - I found it at a Garage Sale and didn't know how much I really loved it until I got it home. I think I fell in love with the size too - there's so much of it.  The little one I also found at a Sale and the colors in this are perfect sea colors - you can see the old 8 X 10 stamped on the side with the staples and I think it's charming.  

I found the one below recently - I think the little metal title tags are so cool too - like a plaque.

This is a Vintage French Chandelier - I think the scrolls and curves are fabulous and I I love the beads and crystals - easy and elegant...
This is one of my fave's these days, I'm loving the funky beaded strands - this one is a larger one and the next one is petite.  Both are beaded with old crystals all in different sizes and shapes and different lengths in perfect condition.  

This is a little lamp that is one of a Pair - they're very beachy and perfect for anywhere!
Please visit me on ebay if you get a chance - Our house guests are leaving on Sunday - so I'll be back after the weekend.

Make it great!


  1. All so very pretty, love the vinatge paintings and of, course, the chandys.

  2. I forgot about those. My mom had several around the house when I was growing up. Looks great with the new frame finish!

  3. Love the paintings and chandi's.....gorgeous!


  4. I was going to comment on the chandeliers (which I never appreciated until I got old) but I saw your next post about the project your brother, Keith Blum, is working on.

    I'm I awe. We have a tiny bit of trompe l'oeil in an important place in our house. So I'm a big fan. I've learned that it doesn't fool anybody but it fools everybody's eye.

  5. Hi there, thanks for coming over to see me and commenting.......I love, love, love chandeliers and have two still in boxes ready to be put up, I just have to find an electrician....my husband is good at most things(!!) but he doesn't like touching electrics!
    Will be back to see you. XXXX

  6. Your chandeliers are delightful, how creative of you to be crafting them yourselves.

    Lovely beach prints, lucky to find those little treasures and give them a new opportunity to shine.

  7. What a sweet comment you left on my last post, Marsh! Today you have been such a HUGE blessing to me. Did you know that? Sometimes I wonder just WHY I do what I do and then someone like you, someone with the sweetest of souls, filled with the most heartfelt sentiments, unexpectantly comes breezing across my way. God, as always, was on time with much needed encouragement. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Blessings to you as you continue along in the Blog world. You have the most gorgeous chandeliers EVER and I'm in AWE of your talent. Lovin' those beach scenes...they remind me of my beautiful Califonia.


  8. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I am not sure how to add the followers feature, usually i link my favs off my own space or save them to my favorites.

  9. Hi Marsha,
    LoVe these vintage pictures of the beach.. They are soo calming and serene to look at .. I'm soo glad you have a good home for them.. Nothin' better than the coast.. Hoping you're enjoying your summer, and jaunt into blog world.. LoVe your visits !!
    Blessings and love

  10. i've always loved chandeliers but those paintings absolutely grabbed my heart!!!

    sparkly wishes!!!

  11. love your beach art, I have the same theme going, have them all hanging over my sofa, different frames. Some very old, some as new as the 80s, one is an oil painting I did myself of some driftwood and rocks on the beach when I was 10 years old. The oldest is a mysterious and somewhat gloomy watercolor of a lighthouse in moonlight, painted by a woman in the late 1800's. I started the collection when I was living right at the beach, now I am a little further inland, but plan to move back as soon as I finish school.

    Great blog!

  12. looks like im not the only one hooked on beaches and chandeliers.lol

  13. What a beautiful and creative way to show off your shells. Very nice job!!

    beach art


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