July 22, 2009

Marco .............. Polo

I'm bringing you up to date on my brother Keith and the Marco Polo Mural in Santa Monica that he is doing.  Then I'm off to blog my great yard sale haul last Saturday, my Tablescape and how we enjoyed every minute of weekend houseguests - I think we made it look easy.   A few fabulous Chandeliers on ebay in case you want to take a look 

Here's the front of Marco Polo - Keith and Collin just hangin out shootin the breeze on the stoop........there's no doorway or stoop or steps, sure looks like there is though, don't you think?

Here's the Mural up to date almost finished - the kids on the top of the scaffolding are Alexis and Collin real kids, and the guys working on the mural are not real guys.

The final day of painting will be this coming weekend and then I'll get photos of the completed Mural - 

See you tomorrow -


  1. Nice painting of not actual steps or stoop! Very tricky! Love that mural. They are very talented people and I think it's great that they are sharing it with so many.


  2. Hi Marsha,
    This is so coool !! We will be in Malibu again this week-end, and so, maybe we'll get into Santa Monica to check this out !! Such progress !! Have ahappy Summer day !!
    hugs ~tea~xo


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