July 29, 2009

Vintage Glass Knobs and Doin It Yourself

Hi -
I'm about 1/2 way through blogging how we got to this little beach house and how we are having such a blast working Chandeliers.  Shortening it up for this blog, when I heard the little white gate click and latch behind me I knew I was home and we made a deal with the seller about an hour later.  

As I entered this very small entryway I saw only one door and it had an old glass knob on a backplate....this house had me at hello.  Here's how it greeted me -

As we looked around, some doors had the original old glass knobs and some did not so I started to wonder if my stash of vintage glass knobs could actually be used for working door knobs - why not?  

On one of my visits to Liz's Hardware (a favorite place) they were having a sidewalk sale of fabulous stuff so I scooped up all the old backplates that I could and begged Mr Beachy to make em work with the knobs.  Not easy - we had to find the right inner workings and this and that and modify holes...it was as I call it a 10 Damnit job - and that's alot.

When we added the french doors in the Dining Room we put knobs inside and outside -

These are outside - the doors open out to an outdoor kitchen - all original with some band aids.

Here's the door to the hallway - it's a funny place for a door but I like the way it looks opened against the wall.

This is the door to the bathroom and then the other side...

This is a door in our bedroom -

Here's the other door in the bedroom 

I love each of these - they make me happy and when the sunlight shines in just the right spot for just a few minutes it's so great.

See you tomorrow - I'm trying to link - I sure hope I got this right...maybe one day I'll be able to figure out the button deal! http://asoftplacetoland-kimba.blogspot.com/


  1. These are GORGEOUS! No kidding! I LOVE EVERY DOOR and KNOB!

    Whoo Hoo...I'm in big trouble now...gotta change everything!


  2. Oh how beautiful! Thanks for sharing!Come check out my TRANSOFORMATION end table at DIY DAY!

  3. These are lovely! I love old knobs!

  4. love the glass knobs! your house is so beautiful & peaceful to look at.


  5. Lovely !
    The glass door knobs add to the beautiful look you are creating.

  6. I love them! And I love your white rooms and your vintage style. Love it! It looks so comfy and inviting. And clean :)

  7. I love they way they look so classy and elegant. Thank you for stopping by to look at my flowering chair. love the suggestion too. thanks again

  8. The glass door knobs are SO pretty!! Well worth the effort it took to modify your vintage knobs :-)

    I just read through all your other posts -- I LOVE your chandeliers!! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog and your Ebay store to see what other treasures you come up with :-)

    The Marco Polo mural is fantastic. Your brother is a super-talented artist :-)

    Thanks for checking out my post about Matt LeBlanc. I hope you'll be a regular DesignTies reader :-)


  9. Oh my gosh... they are all so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! You did a fantastic job! I plan on visiting your blog a lot! I just joined it :)
    I can't wait to see what's next!!!

  10. Oh you have little jewels on your doors! They are beautiful and perfect for your home.

  11. I love these knobs! They are simply beautiful and they do look like the perfect hardware for you beautiful style. I just came over from Transformation Thursday and your blog is beautiful!


  12. I had to laugh at the knobs---we have lots of glass door knobs too. However we do have some that fall out occasionally and one time my hubby and I got locked in the bedroom!! It was so funny. Thankfully he had a pocket knife and managed to get us out. ALSO all of our handles work backwords (it took me over 10 years to realize this!!). To open a door you turn the handle towards the door jab ...no wonder I had so much trouble opening doors!!

    nannykim from SPINDLE COTTAGE

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