July 5, 2009

Welcome Beach Bums Swinging on Chandeliers

Well, I don't know what happened to my 1st blog but I've heard this is 'show your entry and foyer' week - so for me, it's the perfect time to begin again. I hope my entry keeps you wanting to come back for more to see what's new around our place and to check out our Chandeliers and other vintage lighting.
My kids call this Peace & Love because of the design in the swing which cracks me up. A few years ago my neighbor moved and couldn't take the swing so they hauled it over here and it's perfect - really solid even has the perfect crickety squeak.
I found the Sconces at the Santa Monica Flea Market - they were freshly painted black and they just weren't right so I painted them white and made them look aged and weathered and I love em. Couldn't decide what Chandelier to put right here and when my contractor friend brought this one over that he rescued that day up it went. It's been there a few years weathering and getting all chippy-love that!
If you can see the Adirondack chairs and rockers on the Porch - they're great and I would never admit this to Mr Beachy but it's a little bit of a regrettable purchase. We overpaid and they're such good quality they'll never weather or look old-bummer. But they're solid and steady and comfortable and they're here because I wanted them really badly.
Our Beach Bum doormat gets much use and paves the way for everything imperfect. There's a cool old cement Peacock statue to greet you and a pile of inspirational rocks the kids have set out. Come on in!
PS Gotta figure out how to change the order of the photos and a few other things...


  1. I love my little farm, but the term "beach house" makes my heart swoon... I'll bring my sun block!
    Thanks for visiting,
    Your first follower,

  2. Ooohh you have the sweetest "beachyest" home ever !! I found you from Rebecca, and I am in LoVe with all your cottage prettys.. Gorgeous!! Can't wait to go inside !! Amamzing..Have a wonderful, warm, sunny day..
    hugs ~tea~

  3. Love that beachy feel... very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous beach feel to it all, so charming and relaxed.

    Hi from N Ireland.

  5. I really love your very beachy home! i love the white clean look, which I've been trying to achieve this past year, I also collect ocean scenes. Your chandelier is just beautiful too! Mary @Boogieboard Cottage


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